Monday, June 3, 2019

Mother Nature's Anti-Ageing Wonder Oil


No need to look any further than Mama Nature herself for the most powerful anti-ageing and skin nourishing elements.

Enter Salubelle beauty blend (aka Immortelle). A most precious blend of some of the richest, rarest, and most powerhouse essential oils that will target inflammation and signs of ageing, and oh so much more.

This Goddess serum is a blend of:
Frankincense, Hawaiian Sandalwood, Lavender, Myyrh, Helichrysum, and Rose.

I roll on this blend nightly over the top of my moisturiser for glowing, radiant, youthful looking skin.

Frankincense helps reduce inflammation, smooth wrinkles & fine lines, rejuvenates and soothes skin and nerves.

Hawaiian Sandalwood promotes healthy looking, smooth skin and beautifies the skin.

Lavender soothes any irritation and acts as a natural antihistamine.

Myrrh is a powerful cleanser and extremely soothing to the skin.

Helichrysum can promote tissue regeneration.

Rose supports stopping the breakdown of collagen, improving elasticity, and helps with scarring and moisturising. 

Salubelle is also known as the Oil of Spiritual Insight. The high vibrational oils in this blend combined with very grounding oils, assist our connection between spirit and body, heaven and earth. 

Salubelle is perfect to use during meditation as it quiets the mind, fosters inner stillness and encourages spiritual growth. It assists in the release of negativity, darkness, and limiting perceptions. It supports raising levels of human consciousness and preparing individuals for for new heights of spiritual transformation. (Reference: Emotions & Essential Oils book)

When massaging this high vibe blend into my face over my moisturiser, I love to say a beautiful Mantra to myself. Try this:

"I am light. I am pure love. I am divine."

Top Benefits & Uses for Salubelle:

- targets inflammation
- reduces irritation & blemishes
- renews, hydrates, and regenerates the skin
- targets fine lines & wrinkles 
- gives radiance to the complexion
- supports scarring (excellent for cesarean scars!)
- can help minimise stretch marks
- opens up the 6th & 7th chakras 
- provides immune support
- encourages positive states of being
- use as a natural deodorant

Tip: always patch test any new product first to check for any possible skin sensitivities. I personally pour half my bottle of Salubelle into a second roller bottle and top them both up with fractionated coconut oil. Lasts much longer and perfectly diluted for my skin.

Receive this oil FREE in June 2019 with any Australian/NZ 200pv doTERRA order. That's existing customers and new customers alike! 

To find out how to get started with Essential Oils simply click here.

Clare xx

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