Tuesday, February 7, 2017

With Love this Valentine's xoxo

Do you love Valentine's or hate it? My hubby and I don't celebrate it because we're too busy celebrating our birthdays. He was born on Valentine's and me the day before. So technically we're still celebrating on V-Day, it's just that the sentiment is all about our birthdays. We have some dear Aquarian friends who we often celebrate with. So this year, it's a decadent long lunch out with our Aquarian-couple pals and the kiddies will all be with the grandparents. 

You've heard it before, love makes the world go round. So whether you love V-Day or not, here are some simple gifts to show your love to that someone spesh. You could always plan it for a surprise day rather than Valentine's if it's not your thing....? 

Top 3 (left to right)

Bottom 3 (left to right)
1. Oliki Crystal Necklaces  /  2. Goodness Me Box (Sweet Treats Feb Box Edition) /  3. Loving Earth Chocolate

Remember the self-love this Valentines though, please Mamas! It's so easy to neglect the self-care when we're busy running around after our wildlings. Even if you can only take a few moments for yourself, why not run a quick bath and fill it with epsom salts and hop in for a soak after lathering your body in coconut oil & lavender. A short meditation whilst in the tub is a bonus! Or how about buying yourself some flowers or a decadent treat. Go for a walk somewhere beautiful. Write a gratitude list. Go to a yoga class or just do a quick one at home - there are plenty you can find on youtube. (Yoga with Adriene is my favourite). My favourite tip of all; give your heart chakra some attention. Focus on your heart region as much as you can throughout the day. If you can, imagine breathing a beautiful green light down into your heart. 

Much Love & Light Mamas 
Clare xx