Tuesday, February 18, 2014

We Made a Baby!

Photography by Glenn Chiofalo

Greetings for 2014! Yes, I've been a slack little blogger but as you can see I've been a little preoccupied. We are expecting our very first little bundle of joy in August! We couldn't be happier! I've been extremely lucky (although I like to put it down to my good nutrition over the past 6 months) not to have suffered any morning sickness. The first trimester tiredness has most definitely been there though with some days feeling like I've been in a fog. Not much you can do about those extra hormones surging through your body.

Now I'm 13 weeks and feel like that fog has lifted so back to blogging and all those little house projects I've been meaning to get to. I'm also in the late stages of rehearsal as Elizabeth Bennet in a production of Pride & Prejudice (my favourite character in the world!) so that has left me exhausted too. Especially as hubby & I are running our own nutrition business whilst keeping our regular day jobs for the moment.

Phew! No rest for the wicked.

A couple of rituals every day that help keep me balanced and focused:

1. a mental "gratitude list" 
Each morning on my way to work (aside from running my lines ha ha!) I like to say aloud all the things I'm grateful for. You wouldn't believe how much this can change your day, your outlook, your disposition.  No need to complain about someone cutting you off in traffic when you have so much to be thankful for.

2. short meditation or visualisation
When I awake each morning and sometimes as I go to bed (if I don't fall asleep too quickly which is fairly normal at the moment) I like to practice a short meditation or a visualisation of what I truly want in my life. Do you believe in the law of attraction? I most certainly do. 

3. create a vision board
I have created a vision board for this year after compiling a list of 30 things I truly wanted to come into my life or experience. I grouped them into categories such as career, relationships, health, etc and created a vision board not with just pictures but powerful words that represent exactly what I want out of life. I look at it every day so I remind myself of what I'm striving for. Have you got a vision board? If you want help on creating a really kick ass one, I found this webinar with Lori Harder simply amazing!!

I'd love to hear your goals and dreams for 2014. Even just what you've all been up to so far this year.

Clare x