Friday, August 31, 2012

My obsession with Annie Leibovitz continues...

All images via Dustjacket Attic

I found these images on one of my favourite blogs recently, Dustjacket, and fell in love. I have a love of period dramas, costumes, plays, movies, you name it. Immediately I thought of Downton Abbey, Pride & Prejudice, Lady Windermere's Fan... the list goes on. Photographed by Annie Leibovitz for Vogue, it seems my obsession with Annie continues....

~ Clare x

More of my favourites from Annie Leibovitz:

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Memoirs of a Showgirl ~ Shay Stafford

All images copyright Carla Coulson

This week I had the pleasure of seeing Shay Stafford's show Memoirs of a Showgirl at Slide. She was just gorgeous. Sharing moments of her life from growing up in Brisbane to becoming the principal dancer in the Moulin Rouge & the Lido de Paris. We were charmed with a few of her famous numbers, a performance by an aerial artiste, some of my favourite Edith Piaf songs sang (very well I might add) by a very cheeky Frenchman, and her hubby made a witty, marvellous MC for the night.

I was quite impressed with the venue too. When hubby & I arrived we were seated close to the stage. The ambience was perfect, we shared a cheese platter & I indulged in a delicious "Socco Slide" lychee & rum cocktail and a delicious French rosé. We chatted to some other lovelies at our table & enjoyed being transported from Oxford Street to the Champs-Élysées for the evening.

Above I have shared my favourite images of Shay taken by the extremely talented photographer, Carla Coulson. She also took the cover photo for Shay's Memoirs of a Showgirl book.

As I left the Showgirls behind & stepped back out onto Oxford Street I was soon reminded of where I was... A delightful, intoxicated guy ran out of a burger joint, spun me around, got down on one knee, kissed my hand with his oily burger tainted lips and told me he'd marry me haha! My hubby quickly pointed out to him that I was already married ;-)

I'll definitely be headed back to Slide with the girls for a bit if burlesque fun soon.

~ Clare x 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Vanishing Act

I have well and truly been a bad blogger of late. My life has been consumed with theatre school, filming showreels, fixing up my home & well, living my life! I had a couple of days to sneak in a little holiday up the coast to Port Stephens last week to relax with my family that live up there and be by the seaside. Twas only four days, but that was enough to recharge the batteries. Photos to come shortly.

As for the rosy images above... I've noticed a gravitation towards blush tones in my pinterest pins of late. Previously it was neutral hues. I wonder what that means... Am I becoming softer? Girlier? Who knows.

~ Clare x

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Instagram ~ my world of late

Warm days & glittering oceans mean Spring is on it's way!
Starting my own bar station...
Saturday mornings in bed learning lines, trawling pinterest & sipping All Press coffee.
Nice to be someone's muse ;-)
My Lotus Mendes arm swag.
Hubby's new toy - a double bass.
Delicious luncheons at Bathers Pavilion with the gals at Real Weddings mag.
Winter Wonderland bouquets on my bedside.

I'd love you to join me on instagram @curiouserclare

~ Clare x

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Written by a Kid

Kids have the most amazing imaginations. This series "Written by a Kid" is hilarious, but this episode is my absolute favourite - La Munkya. If only we all had such vivid imaginations...
~ Clare x