Monday, May 10, 2010

The Selby

I hope everyone had a delightful weekend. 
Today I thought I'd share one of my favourite websites...
Anyone else have a Selby obsession? I have had to come to terms with the fact that I must be a voyeur hahaha! I just love seeing inside other people's homes! I find so much creative inspiration just looking inside the homes of other creative types.

Here are some of my favourite pics from their website:

This Parisian home belongs to sofía achával & thibault de montaigu

 This home belongs to inès de la fressange, Paris

This home & these ruby slippers belong to elisa nalin, Paris

 This Sydney home belongs to emma balfour, andrew cowen, bruno & elliot

 I looove this bathroom...

I want one of these old cabinets...
Belongs to sébastien gaudard in Paris

The Brooklyn residence of dustin yellin

 Just had to add him in there - I have a slight owl obsession (hubby does too)
From the NYC home of keith abrahamsson & kate young

 I love this image...
This is the Mast Brothers Chocolate Factory in NYC

Yep, those chandeliers are shaped like octopus legs - freaky!
The home of adam wallacavage in Philadelphia

Need something slightly more glamorous?

The NY office of alexander wang 

The NY home of
tom wolfe

6 of the 7 deadly sins 

I hope you've enjoyed these images. All images from The Selby website. If you're feeling low on inspiration for your home, be sure to check out The Selby, you'll be stuck on their site for hours - I was!

~ Clare x

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