Thursday, May 3, 2018

Mother's Day: Gifts of the Earth

Essential Oils are pure gifts from Mother Nature. So what better to spoil your Mum with this Mother's Day than the gift of pure therapeutic grade essential oils? Or spoil yourself if you prefer ;-)

Below are some of my favourite packaged kits which all include membership so you can always get wholesale prices. 

The above prices are all un AUD but just reach out for prices in your own country and I can help you out. 


These two special combos are now available in the Australian doTERRA warehouse:

Peace reassuring blend & Whisper women's blend are two oils I can't live without. I reach for them both constantly. Peace for sleep or just for calming and I wear Whisper often as a purefume. 

Douglas Fir is wonderfully supportive for our airways and easy breathing as well as promoting a positive mood and sense of focus. The SPA Body Butter is unbelievably luxe and of course contains no nasties.


This trio kit of limited edition oils is available in the US warehouse (Aussie's can order rom the US warehouse too!). I'm so excited for the new oils! Star Anise, Pink Pepper, and Green Mandarin. The kit contains some empty roller bottles and pipettes for creating your own signature blends as well as a recipe guide for plenty of inspiration.

If you're already a doTERRA member, you can hop in your Aussie back office and order all of the above or switch to the US warehouse in your back office and grab the Harmony trio kit above.

Not a doTERRA member? You can order via my website here.


Send me a message with any questions and I can help you out.

Clare xx 

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Top Essential Oils to Support Your Moon Time

For some time now I've been learning to live in harmony with my moon-time. For as long as I can remember I've had extremely heavy and very painful cramps that accompany my monthly bleed. I always dreaded this time each month. 

How did I shift this? 

I began using essential oils to help with the pain and other symptoms. Once I wasn't in so much pain I  was able to shift my mindset as well. I read Dr Ezzie Spencer's book "Lunar Abundance" and began tuning into the energy of my body in relation to the moon phases. I began to see how much more powerful it was to honour this sacred feminine time instead of wishing it would go away. 

During this time, we are highly intuitive. We are also emotionally shedding a lot of toxic build-up. So I like to take this time to slow down, honour my body, give myself as much love as possible and really tune into those spiritual downloads that may be coming through at this time. 

Here are my top Essential Oils for supporting my moon-time...

1. Clary Calm
This magical blend is my absolute number one oil for my moon time. Rolling this on my lower abdomen at the first sign of cramping has personally kept me from ever needing to reach for pain killers again. Not only great for menstrual cramps but also for balancing our hormones and our emotions. Wonderful for post-baby balancing.

A beautiful blend of Clary Sage, Lavender, Bergamot, Roman Chamomile, Ylang Ylang, Cedarwood, Geranium, Fennel Seed, Carrot Seed, Palmarosa, and Vitex leaf/berry (known for helping us cycle with the moon).

Clary Sage on its own is also a wonderful oil to use for menstrual cramping. I just personally love the Clary Calm blend for all the other supportive oils and herbs in it. 

2. Ice Blue Rub
If you get lower back pain accompanying your menstrual cramps, then the Ice Blue Rub is for you. (Known as Deep Blue in the USA). Ice Blue comes as an oil which you can dilute and massage into your lower back but I tend to quickly reach for the rub version which is simply a cream version that you can rub straight on. You only need a pea sized amount.

So instead of buying over-the-counter synthetic rubs and creams for your aches and pains that give you that cooling / warming feeling, this doTERRA blend is a completely natural version. It contains an essential oil a blend of Wintergeen, Camphor, Peppermint, Ylang Ylang, Helichrysum, Blue Tansy, Blue Chamomile, and Osmanthus.

3. Cypress
Cypress oil improves circulation and can support menstrual cramps. I would dilute this and apply to the lower abdomen with the Clary Calm or Clary Sage for a little extra support if needed. 

4. Ylang Ylang
I love to wear Ylang Ylang as a purefume during my moon time because it's a deeply feminine scent. It also helps to reduce stress and tension. If your body is feeling really tight and contracted, apply some diluted Ylang Ylang and lavender to the back of the neck and also the lower abdomen if not using Clary Calm or Cypress there already.

5. Geranium
Another hormone balancing oil. Also deeply feminine, so I will often wear this as a purefume during my moon time. I tend to alternate between Geranium & Ylang Ylang. Geranium also happens to be amazing for skin and hair so I feel like I'm really giving my body some lovin' by aromatically dressing myself in Geranium during this time. Geranium is also a stress relieving oil and very anti-inflammatory.

6. Lavender
As with Ylang Ylang, Lavender is a wonderful calming and tension-relieving oil. Lady Lav will help ease your contracted muscles, soothe any heightened moods, and support a restful night's sleep. Beautiful for headaches too. Apply diluted with Ylang Ylang to the back of the neck and/or lower abdomen or apply to temples for a headache (be super careful not to get in your eyes!)

7. Rose
Helps to stimulate proper hormone levels and can support regulating your cycle. Rose supports goos uterine health. Very calming, supporting cramping pain, heightened emotions, and PMS symptoms. I wear Rose as a purefume constantly - moon time or not! Rose is the highest vibrational oil on the planet. Feels so special to wear her, she gives you that Goddess vibe ;-)

8. Balance - grounding blend
The name says it all, Balance grounding blend is the perfect blend for keeping emotionally stable and present. I love diffusing this in our home and in the car during the day to keep us all grounded. For me, I love to wear Balance with Frankincense on my body if I'm feeling anxious, stressed or irritable.

9. Whisper - blend for women
Ohhh this absolutely divine women's blend is a feminine mix of Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, Vanilla Bean, Jasmine, Cinnamon, Labdanum, Vetiver, Hawaiian Sandalwood, Cocoa Seed, and Rose essential oils with Fractionated coconut oil. If you want to feel like a true Goddess, then definitely wear this oil. Love up your body by aromatically dressing with this oil after your shower. This blend has the added benefit in that it combines with your chemistry to give off a unique scent.

A few others you may love...

Peppermint & Wild Orange for energy & focus
Peace blend is another great oil for some zen time
PastTense blend for neck tension & headaches
Tea Tree on your hormonal pimples
Frankincense may help support breast tenderness

How to Order Your Essential Oils 

Monday, February 5, 2018

Lavender & Geranium Bath Bombs

February, the month of love! If you're crying out "no way!" then maybe spare a thought for yourself. The main relationship we should all be nurturing is the one with ourself. I dare you to do a beautiful act of self-love each day this month. I'm willing to bet it'll change your life. This month I'll be sharing all sorts of self-love ideas over on my Facebook page. In my last post on prioritising self-care, I shared my top 10 ways to bring more self-care rituals into your life. Take a peek if you need a little inspiration.

Today I'm simply sharing my favourite bath bomb recipe. It's so easy, and my 3 year old is obsessed with bath bombs so we make them together often. As you can see from the photo, he's also skeleton obsessed and looooves the movie "Coco." So please, make yours love hearts or whatever floats your boat, we used a silicone mould of skulls and cross-bones ;-) You can also use any essential oils that you feel drawn to. I like lavender and geranium as they're super calming for my little guy before bed time and help wind him down plus they're gentle and calming for the skin. They smell divine too - bonus!

We got our recipe from Dr. Axe, but modified it a bit. We left out the witch hazel & corn flour as I didn't have any and they worked perfectly. I used Epsom salts instead of sea salt. I also used only liquid coconut oil in our recipe as that's what we always use at home. My mixture looked tad dry which was probably because I left out the witch hazel, so I simply added a little more coconut oil to make the mixture a little more like wet sand. Voila! 

Our recipe...

Lavender & Geranium Bath Bombs

1 cup baking soda
1/2 cup citric acid
1 tsp cream of tartar
1/2 cup epsom salts
1 tsp beetroot powder
Liquid coconut oil 
(enough coconut oil to make mixture wet enough to mould with hands)
Lavender Essential Oil
Geranium Essential Oil

Mix dry ingredients in a bowl.
Mix wet ingredients in a separate bowl.
Combine wet and dry together in one bowl.
Pack into your chosen moulds or simply roll into small balls. 
Pop moulds into a dark cupboard and allow to dry for 1 - 2 days.
Store in an air tight container for up to 3 weeks.

Note: I only used 2 drops of each essential oil (so 4 drops total) as I'm a believer in the less is always more approach. These are for my 3 year old and essential oils are potent. If making for an adult you can use more. Using just this small amount is extremely fragrant already so I don't feel you'd need much more. However, I use doTERRA essential oils which are 100% pure certified therapeutic grade so I know there are no nasties in them and they are potent and pure, high quality. 

If you'd like to know how to bring these powerful plant magicians into your life, see below. I'm also hosting Facebook classes this month on "Emotions & Essential Oils" and also "Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond" so please contact me if you're interested in these classes and are not already using the oils or talking to someone else about them.


Purchasing an Enrolment Kit includes membership for free, and gives you the most popular oils at a huge discount. This is cheapest way to get your hands on the oils.

The 'Home Essentials Kit' is the most popular kit and gives you the top 10 oils, in the full-size bottles, plus a diffuser and saves you over $200 on the retail cost of these oils.  There are no minimum monthly orders or selling required. 



Click Join and Save
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Click 'Local'
Choose "Wellness Advocate" (This will give you a min. of 25% off all products & of course my support, but you won't be obligated to sell or buy at all!)
Enter your personal info (if you don't have an ABN leave it blank)
At "Enroller ID" simply enter my ID number: 3624650 and my name will come up - Clare Chiofalo
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Select the kit you'd like to order
Enter your Credit Card details and you're done!

(LRP is the best way to get your hands on the cheapest oils and grow your collection. This is doTERRA's Loyalty Rewards Program and is free to join. If this interests you, I can send you more info on LRP)

Please feel free to ask me any questions by emailing me at: clare_m13 (at) or PM me on Facebook or DM me on Instagram. doTERRA have a promo for February where if you order 100pv this month and again next month, you will receive 100 free points to use on future orders!

Friday, November 3, 2017

Self-Care: Are you actually prioritising you?

Self-care. These two words seem to be being brandished about everywhere right now. It's a hot topic, BUT, what exactly does self-care entail? Why is putting yourself so important? Why are we so good at ignoring what our body is telling us and continuing to push-on, to "hustle" if you like, and put everyone else's needs before our own?

I've been thinking a lot lately about self-care and its importance. Not only self-care but the importance of creating rituals. As a mama, it's so easy to get caught up in constantly worrying about our wee ones and running ourselves absolutely ragged but stop and think for a moment. How amazingly high vibe and just fucking awesome is it on those days when you've had enough sleep and you've had a little time out just for you to connect with yourself? It's easier to deal with those tantrums and be so much more present with our wildlings, isn't it? Filling our own cup ensures it overflows toward the rest of our loved ones. 

So what does self-care look like to me? Here are my top 10 self-care rituals, practices, and experiences I've been gifting myself lately and it's making a major difference to my health and wellbeing....

Mood Management with Essential Oils

These little plant magicians have become daily tools and rituals for me. Something I absolutely love to do to pamper my skin each morning after my shower but more than that, enhance my mood and set the tone for my whole day: aromatic dressing. Aromatic dressing consists of hopping out of the shower, drying myself, and then getting some fractionated coconut oil, with a few drops essential oil and working it into my skin from feet to head, really massaging it in and loving every inch of your body as you do it. At the end I like to massage it into my feet. Look, some days I'm in a rush and this may look more like slapping it all over my body but hey, as long as I give my body and my mood some loving as many mornings as possible, I'm happy. I use whatever I feel drawn to that particular day. Some days I love Geranium as it's gorgeous for skin and hair plus smells like an English garden. Lately I'm very drawn to the feminine scents like geranium, ylang ylang, rose or jasmine. Other days if I feel I'm really going to need centring and grounding I'll use Balance (grounding blend) with Frankincense. Tip: be careful if you use citrus oils all over your body not to go out in the direct sun as they're photosensitive. 

During the day at home I have the diffuser going with whatever oils I need in that moment. Feeling sluggish? Peppermint. Need to focus? Peppermint and wild orange together with a little InTune focus blend on my pulse points. Feeling overwhelmed or need to calm the farm? Balance. I often use Balance and Citrus Bliss together for grounding but uplifting too. Citrus Bliss is the oil of creativity too ;-) In the evenings we wind down with some Lavender Peace (aka Serenity in the US) and for bed I add some vetiver and cedar wood to it for some serious sedation haha!

I carry certain oils on me in my handbag every day so if I need something in the moment I gave my go-to oil for that and can even simply take off the car and sniff. I even have a car diffuser so I can make my car my happy place.

See the very bottom of this blog post for how you I can help you get started with some gorgeous plant magic (essential oils).

Chakra Cleansing, Meditation, White Light & Mindfulness

Sounding a little woo woo? Or think you're someone who simply can't meditate? I'm here to tell you anyone can. You don't have to be a "type" of person or some highly evolved zen monk. Shit, my mind wonders all the time when I meditate. Some days more than others, but I never get frustrated about it and stop. I just simply bring my mind back again and again. I can also be quite dynamic, moving around, just doing whatever my body seems to need as I do it. I do other meditations form time to time my my daily thing is a chakra cleanse meditation. We're all energy and to me it makes sense to work on our energy field so that we feel in flow and high vibe. As my mentor, Belinda Davidson, says "the state of your chakras is the state of your life." Chakra cleansing is my daily ritual. If I don't do it, I feel mucky. Kinda like needing a shower. I highly recommend starting with Belinda's chakra cleanse meditation for busy people. (No, I'm not an affiliate).

I will always channel white light after a chakra cleanse and often when I feel I need it throughout the day. I also sign up every single week for Belinda's FREE white light healings. Yup, they're free guys. Get onto it! :-)

I've been on the journey of mindfulness practices ever since reading Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now in 2012. However, it's taken a few reads and also some practical examples from Russ Harris' The Happiness Trap to get me really into practicing this daily. I'm sure mindfulness will be a life long learning journey for me, but every now and then something happens and I realise that I've reacted very differently to how I would have even say 6 months ago. That's how I know I've come a long way. I honestly believe practicing mindfulness is the key to living a high vibe life. 


I see the most magical goddess, kinesiologist, Sarah Cox of Ignite Kinesiology. As much as I work on my own energy, getting a little helping hand from a talented kinesiologist is a fantastic boost. Oh the amazing things that come up in our sessions! I always feel so aligned and in flow after I see her. I usually go about every 8 weeks or so. Having a proactive approach to my health plays a major component in my overall wellbeing. I also highly recommend Susan from Kinesiology Affect for Sydney-siders. You can see my interview I did with her here.

Pilates & Yoga

My reformer pilates sessions each week are my time. Just me, present, focused, and giving my body the movement that it craves. Yoga too. So if yoga and pilates aren't your thing, go out there and find your thing. something that gets your body moving in a way you love and can give your body what it needs. That's always going to look completely different to all of us. Sometimes I find I need different forms of exercise during different phases of my life. Listen to your body.

Sacred Women's Circle

Last weekend I attended a Sacred Women's Circle. I almost didn't because I had a few things on that weekend and would've been leaving hubby with our 3 year old a lot over the 2 days. Hubby encouraged me to go so I did and I'm so glad I did. We gathered under the new moon energy to set intentions, celebrate sisterhood, bring ritual back into our lives, and acknowledge our truly amazing, alchemical selves. I can't even tell you how much I had felt the need to do something like this. Once upon a time women would connect and have ritual and love and support for each other and themselves. I mean, think about how truly fucking amazing our bodies are?! When I think about how I carried a baby and the way my body adapted to that and then fed and nourished that baby. Why don't we celebrate this?! It seems crazy to me. Not that the circle was just about that. In fact I'm pretty certain I was the only mum there. I encourage you to find something like this in your area and attend. Empowering beyond belief.

EFT / Tapping

EFT is the Emotional Freedom Technique. Also referred to as Tapping, it uses a two-finger tapping process on acupressure points with a cognitive acceptance statement. By stimulating your body's energy meridian points, you can set yourself free from many self-limiting beliefs, negative feelings, and even physical pain and dis-ease. I recently did a one month course in Tapping which included a video each day on different self-limiting beliefs for entrepreneurs and network marketers. By just giving myself that 10 minutes each day it had a massive impact in my business and my emotional wellbeing.

Booking in Those Much Needed Check-Ups

So I realised that since having my little guy I'd put off lots of general checkups. Last week I headed to the skin cancer clinic and actually had to have 2 little biopsies to be on the safe side. I'm glad I booked the appointment when I did. I've also had an eye test, dental checkup, etc. Feels like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders knowing all these appointments are out of the way. I try to be as in tune with my body as possible these days so knowing when it's time to book in to the chiropractor for instance to get m physical body back in alignment, that's important.

Salon Pamper

I love a little me-time at the salon. A mani & pedi, a fresh tan, a facial, or massage. I love to just lie there and be as present as possible. Not wasting a moment by thinking about all the things I have to get done or what so and so said to me yesterday. Pampering and mindfulness practice at the same time ;-)

Catch Up with the Girls

As with the 'Sacred Women's Circle' point above, sisterhood is something we need more of! I love to have a night with my girls. Dinner, wine, and long chats, laughing til our cheeks hurt. Or even brunch and coffee hangs. It's so hard to really have a fully present conversation with the kids, so some scheduled sister time is so important. I particularly loved this article on that...

Reading Soulful Books

For me it's important to nourish my mind and soul by reading books that help me grow. Books that expand my way of thinking and feeling. Right now I'm just about to finish reading my mentor, Belinda Davidson's first book, From Dark to Light. The first part is her autobiography and as an extremely gifted psychic, her life story is just fascinating. The second part actually talks you through the chakras and how you can change you energy and change your by working through the dark towards the light. I love her list of the 10 most spiritual books of all time here. I also love to return to Eckhart Tolle's, The Power of Now, time and time again. There's always something else that sinks in each time.

So tell me Soulful Ones, are you prioritising self-care? What does self-care look like to you? I'd love to know and I'd love you to tag me on Instagram or Facebook @soulfulmamablog #soulfulmamablog with your self-care rituals.

Want to know how to bring some beautiful essential oil plant magic into your life? See below.


Purchasing an Enrolment Kit includes membership for free, and gives you the most popular oils at a huge discount. This is cheapest way to get your hands on the oils.

The 'Home Essentials Kit' is the most popular kit and gives you the top 10 oils, in the full-size bottles, plus a diffuser and saves you over $200 on the retail cost of these oils.  There are no minimum monthly orders or selling required. 


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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Father's Day Edit

Roundin' up my favourite finds for our favourite guys in our lives that we'll be celebrating next weekend. I'd love to hear what you've got planned for your special guys next Sunday, do tell.

leoandspargo Leather Canvas Backpack
Converts from a backpack to a messenger bag. Ethically made. Designed in Perth, WA. These guys also do some rad wallets, belts, caps, and tees. 

Forest bags Waxed Canvas Utility Pouches
Made from beautiful waterproof, waxed cotton canvas. Lined in waterproof black nylon so can be used as a wet bag for toiletries. Completely handmade by owner, Samantha, who personally designs, cuts, sews, packs and photographs every single item with her own two hands. I know this is a Father's Day Edit, but heads up Mamas, these also make great nappy clutches, and she makes gorgeous nappy bags to match!

LIMLazer Wood & Bamboo Folding Beard Comb
This handy little beard comb has been laser cut from an original design to look like a pocket knife when closed. No extra charge to have up to 2 initial on it. Handmade. They have a bunch of other really cool beard combs too. 

Wrangler Apocalypse Shirt
Gorgeous heavy washed khaki shirt that would pair nicely for weekend wear with black or blue jeans.

BOODY Bamboo Men's Boxers
Seam-free, breathable, anti-fungal, anti-odour, has natural thermo-regulating & moisture-wicking properties to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. Eco-friendly, ethical, made from organic bamboo. They come in boxers, briefs, black and grey, and they also do socks and tees. (Lady & baby wear too!)

For the sweet tooth. I'm drooling just typing about these! I know turkish delight is my Dad's favourite but check out the other delicious flavours. 

The Wild Unknown - Animal Spirit Tarot Deck
I loooove The Wild Unknown and pretty much everything Kim Krans makes. Her illustrations excite my very bones! I personally have the original Wild Unknown Tarot Deck but I have only just come across this Animal Spirit deck. So for the more spiritual guys among us, this would make for a delightfully wild gift. 

I jumped on these limited edition kits. You get a toiletry bag, Ice Blue Sports Rub, Eucalyptus Oil, and Peppermint Beadlets (for fresh breath naturally). See below for details on how I can help you bring essential oils into you home.

Love this DIY recipe for shaving cream. The 3 oils you'll need are Tea Tree, Peppermint, and Sandalwood. See below for details on how I can help you bring these oils into your home.


Purchasing an Enrolment Kit includes membership for free, and gives you the most popular oils at a huge discount. This is cheapest way to get your hands on the oils.

The 'Home Essentials Kit' is the most popular kit and gives you the top 10 oils, in the full-size bottles, plus a diffuser and saves you over $200 on the retail cost of these oils.  There are no minimum monthly orders or selling required. 


Australian/NZ Kits 
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Please feel free to ask me any questions by emailing me at: clare_m13 (at) or PM me on Facebook or DM me on Instagram. doTERRA have BOGO deals happening this week in Australia so anyone joining now can take advantage of the daily buy one get free deals!!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Calling all Gyspy Brides - Gowns by Spell Designs

I'm a little obsessed with Spell Designs and only wish they had these gypsy inspired bridal gowns back when I got married. Take a look at all the magical gyspy whimsy that is Spell Brides... I'm even thinking of my next maternity shoot in that glorious Canyon Moon Mesh Duster!!

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Interview: Susan Martinez from Kinesiology Affect

Our next soulpreneur interview is with the lovely Susan Martinez of Kinesiology Affect. Susan is a professional Kinesiologist and qualified herbalist. She uses the combination of kinesiology and herbal medicine to help people on so many different levels; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. It's that beautiful meeting of western medicine and natural therapies working together. 

I've been fascinated by kinesiology for some time now and have even considered studying it myself. So today's interview with Susan is an exciting one for me! 

If you missed the last soulpreneur interview with Grace from Feng Shui Serenity, you can catch it here.  

When was Kinesiology Affect born and how did it come about?

I think Kinesiology Affect was a long time in the making but it was my daughter who led me to see my first kinesiologist that 'sparked the flame'.   I had a very traumatic labour with her and she sustained significant bruising to her cranial bones.  I took her to a chiropractor who used Applied Kinesiology techniques.  To be honest, I was skeptical at first, but my daughter really responded well to the sessions and then when the practitioner worked on me, I had one of those ‘wow’ moments.  
Fast forward two and a bit years and I was ready to enrol into a Cert IV in Professional Kinesiology Practice (PKP).  A couple of months into the course I discovered I was pregnant with my second child. I was really inspired and committed to learning kinesiology so I kept at it, doing my final exam 6 weeks after he was born! (I was either super driven or just plain sleep deprived and hormonal and not thinking properly!). It was during my maternity leave with him, in 2010, that Kinesiology Affect was officially started. Interestingly, the name for the business came to me as I was walking through the park one day. I feel it was one of those moments where I either had spirit speaking to me or my higher self came through clearly and gave me a message re: the biz name. In the same year that Kinesiology Affect became official, I also decided to move onto the Diploma of Professional Kinesiology Practice.

What did your career path look like before Kinesiology Affect?

Before Kinesiology Affect came into being, I had worked in many different sectors in various roles. I actually started my career as an accountant doing an internship with one of the big chartered accountancy firms. I think my soul died a little bit inside everyday I went into that office. After graduating from uni I thought I’d try an accounting role in a more exciting company and worked in the music industry for a few years. But, it turns out accounting is accounting and it wasn’t for me so I headed overseas to do some backpacking.  
On my return from Europe I got a position with the Sydney Organising Committee for the Olympic Games in communications and community relations. I have to say this was a career highlight – it was an exciting place to work, and I made some long lasting friendships. It also holds a special place in my heart because (a) this is where I met my husband and (b) this organisation taught me how wonderful life is when you work on something you really believe in and are passionate about.  
Post Games I felt lost and depressed, but I had a ‘light bulb’ moment where I realised I have to work in a job where I feel I’m making a difference in the world. So, I began my Advanced Diploma in Western Herbal Medicine. I did this part-time and just as I finished I fell pregnant with my daughter. Rather than see this as a lost opportunity to begin clinic, I now see this as the pivotal moment because she led me to the power of kinesiology.  

Can you tell us a bit more about how kinesiology works and what we could expect from and after a session? 

Kinesiology is a holistic therapy which looks for energetic blocks in the body. A session starts with me helping you set a goal for your session, something which outlines what you want to achieve or gain. So, for example, a goal might be "I sleep peacefully and deeply throughout the whole night and wake refreshed" or "I am calm and centred everyday”. As part of the balancing process your body will show up whether there are emotional, physical, mental, or nutritional issues which are stopping you reach your goal. Kinesiology uncovers these blocks through muscle testing. Muscle testing is a process that helps me bypass your conscious mind and tap into your subconscious.
A kinesiology balance involves the client throughout the process. There is a lot of chatting during a session because not only am I muscle testing to find your blocks, I also find what the underlying emotion is around that block. And honestly, this is where the real ‘healing’ occurs, the unpacking of the emotions is really powerful.  People are quite surprised by what comes up.
There are no quick fixes or magic pills when it comes to health and wellbeing so most people need around 3 sessions, per issue they want to work on.

After a session, most people feel relaxed. In the days that follow your body goes through a process of reorganising its energy system and integrating the healing.  Some common symptons could be: feeling dizzy, light-headed or spacey, alternating energy highs and lows, sleepiness, vivid dreams, emotional highs and lows, increased energy and vitality, or a sense of peace. A lot of people say they have a deeper more restful sleep and feel relaxed and happier about their life. If someone is working on a physical issue, they might have better mobility, or posture.

Why are you so passionate about helping people improve their health on a holistic level?

I know this might sound cheesy, but I love helping people transform their lives into a version that they are happier with or one where they feel healthier. I guess I just love knowing that what I do does matter, that it does make a difference in the world, even if it's one person at a time. Watching people overcome their issues is so inspiring. As someone who has suffered from anxiety, depression, gut and thyroid issues over the years, I know first hand how wonderful it feels to find a practitioner who is committed to helping you improve your physical and emotional health, and I want to be that person for others.

What is the biggest challenge you've faced along the way in building your business?

My biggest challenge was juggling my family life with the business. Without a doubt this was tough, often times it seemed impossible, even a crazy thing. I didn't have a lot of support with the home or family so it meant that often I would have to put the business aside to focus on my family.  

The other big challenge was dealing with lack of confidence. When you first start out, you have all this informatiion and skills but fear can really block you from practising with grace and ease.

What is your proudest career achievement?

Gosh, this is a hard question. In some ways I think my best is yet to come. But, I'm super proud of the fact I completed my Diploma while taking care of a toddler and baby. I'm super proud of the fact I got my business up and going, despite lack of sleep, time and support. I’ve also had a couple of articles published in an alternative magazine and as someone who was told by their English teacher they were rubbish, I got a lot of satisfaction out of seeing my articles in print!

Favourite thing about living in Sydney, Australia?

The beaches! Proximity to some great national parks and state forests. As a self-confessed coffee snob - I love all the great cafes around. Being close to friends and family.  And (sometimes) the weather.

Who inspires you?

Lots of people, for different reasons.  But to name a few:

Belinda Davidson (for spiritual and life purpose inspiration)
Rebecca Campbell (for spiritual and creativity inspiration)
Theresa Reed aka The Tarot Lady (for business inspiration - she's one savvy biz woman and a good writer too)

And there are many people who I follow on Instagram who I think are really amazing in what they are achieving or in the work they do - too many to mention!

What are you reading right now?

The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle
Light is the new black, Rebecca Campbell

And random fantasy books from the library - if it's fantasy, I'll grab it and read it so I can escape my reality into another world for a few hours.

Visit Susan's website, Kinesiology Affect to learn more about her and her amazing kinesiology business. Thank you for sharing your time, energy, and so much juicy kinesiology info with us Susan xx