Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Girls Antiquing Trip.... Kind of....

This past weekend was all about the ladies. 
Dann has recently moved down the coast, about an hour and a half's drive from Sydney. She's still in the middle of renovating her new home, but boy has it come a loooong way. Lucky for Dann, her husband is a builder. I could never undergo such a huge project! Once they have completed a bit more work, I will be sure to post her photos. Trust me, you'll be shocked at the transformation!

Anyway, I digress. Linda & I with another girlfriend of ours drove down to check out Dann's new home & also to have ourselves a girls day of antiquing. We had a beautiful day, but alas, no antiques were purchased. This was due to the fact that we visited what we would call "serious antique shops" where we were too scared to touch anything because it was all so expensive. They were all so beautiful though & very inspiring. 

So we had a fabulous day full of beautiful things, stunning Australian countryside, took lots of photos & of course had plenty of decadent food & coffee!

Here are some of my photos...

The above to shots were taken in Bowral.
(wish there wasn't a stupid parking sign in front of the beautiful patisserie)

The above 3 were taken in Berrima.
I love the rusty coloured autumn tree in the second photo.

I could easily live in this sandstone house with the picket fence & the roses... sigh...

The above photos were all taken in Berrima.

Even if I didn't come home with any antiques, I certainly didn't come home empty handed. I bought some lovely vintage linen style napkins....

And a delightful French Shopping Tote...

(All displayed on my favourite Villa Maison crown cushions)

I also came home with some little ramekins for baking & some crafty items. Definitely a fun ladies day out!

~ Clare x

All images taken by me, please ask permission for use.

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