Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Regal Twelve ~ Alexia Sinclair

Today I want to introduce you to a very amazing Australian artist by the name of Alexia Sinclair.
I came across Alexia's work quite by accident really. I was playing Queen Elizabeth I in a play & was looking online for different photos of her, mostly to see what colours she wore as I was having a dress made specifically for me. I came across this artwork by Alexia & was amazed by its beauty & its majestic quality...
Image Copyright Alexia Sinclair 2009
Image from here

This image captured everything I could possibly imagine about Elizabeth I after studying her for my role. I then found Alexia's website & realised that this was one of a series of twelve called The Regal Twelve. I was then excited to find that she has also included a piece on Marie Antoinette...

Image Copyright Alexia Sinclair 2009
Image from here

I love Marie Antoinette and this artwork is just superb.
Alexia is a fine art photographer & digital artist. Wouldn't you agree that her works are truly amazing?
Not long after finding her website, I was off to a Christmas luncheon at Cafe Sydney, which is above Customs House. Whilst waiting for my friends in the foyer of Customs House, I looked around me only realise Alexia's Regal Twelve were on display! Let me just say, these 12 beauties are even more sublime up close.

Here is another beauty, Isabella of Spain...
Image Copyright Alexia Sinclair 2009
Image from here

Check out Alexia's website to see the rest of The Regal Twelve:
Boudica ~ The Celtic Queen
Agrippina ~ The Poisoness
Alexandra Romanov ~ The Last Czarina of Russia
Elizabeth Bathory ~ The Countess of Blood
Catherine the Great ~ The Enlightened Empress
Christina of Sweden ~ The Androgynous Queen
Cleopatra ~ The Seductress
Eleanor of Aquitaine ~ The Eagle
Elizabeth I ~ The Virgin Queen
Isabella of Spain ~ The Catholic
Marie Antoinette ~ The Extravagant Queen
Olympias ~ The Sorceress

There are many more amazing works to feast your eyes on as well.
Queen Elizabeth will always be my favourite though.

~ Clare x

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