Monday, August 29, 2016

Chakra 1 - Root Chakra

Root Chakra | 1st Chakra | Muladhara

As the image above says, Chakra 1 or your Root Chakra is all about being grounded. This chakra is located at the base of the spine or the perineum. The colour for chakra 1 is red.


My favourite ways to connect with my root chakra and stay grounded are:

* to get out in nature, even better if it can be barefoot and really feel my feet connect with the ground

* surround myself with red and start to notice it everywhere I go

* pop on some music and dance barefoot and just let my body do what it wants to do

* meditate outdoors

* eat or juice root vegetables - especially beetroot!

* really connect with my lower body, my hips, legs, feet. Try to think about them and feel them as I do day to day activities. This is great for mindfulness.

* I love to wear an organic essential perfume oil that resonates with each chakra. I personally use Lemon Canary's chakra range of perfume oils. They're exquisite and come with matching stones which I like to meditate with. They also have a chakra candle range and a chakra mist range. All organic. Jasmin infuses them all with Reiki too. For chakra one think notes of sweet orange, clove, fennel, cinnamon, cardamom, and pepper. 

This is my absolute favourite of each of the chakra oils. The picture above is only the sample size, which I started out with when I started my level 1 journey with School of the Modern Mystic. I've since bought the full size of each as they're so amazing at helping me connect to each of my chakras, open, and balance them. 

Painting my nails the colour of each chakra I'm working on is fun and helps to constantly remind me get out of my head and just connect with that chakric point. 

I love the idea of choosing yoga poses to support each chakra. Warrior I is great for the root chakra. You can read more about different yoga poses for each chakra here

For a much more in depth course on your chakras and learning how to cleanse and balance them along with becoming more intuitive, soul aligned and mindful, and also learning to work with the white light, I highly recommend Belinda Davidson's School of the Modern Mystic. Enrolment is opening up very soon and there is only one intake per year for this course. You can read more about how it has radically changed my life here.

I'll leave you with this video of Belinda talking about the importance of chakra cleansing and how you can change your mood completely in 3 minutes.

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