Saturday, August 13, 2016

Manuel Montt - organic threads for your wild ones

Since having our little guy we have been conscious of lowering our chemicals around the home. He suffered mild eczema as a bub which he hasn't had for quite some time now thankfully. However, at the time it prompted us to think more about the clothing we put on him. He already had a mostly organic diet, and had been exclusively breastfed (still is actually - can't get him off the boob!), and we only used all-natural skincare. So with a love of fashion and hubby's love of all things creative including screen printing, Manuel Montt was born. 

Everything is 100% organic cotton, made in Australia, and completely sweatshop free. All hand screen printed with love by us! Sizes range from newborn to 3 years. We've kept everything fairly monochrome and unisex so they can be shared between siblings, maximising the wear out of each item. 

Above is our signature range. All tees available in both black and white. 

Now for the water babes, as it's warming up, we'll be grabbing our beach-inspired prints and heading out to chase the blue...

The Byron tee above is my favourite for mini poets. 

For little La Bamba fans.

Manuel Montt is the name of the street in Santiago, Chile, where my hubby's Grandparents lived. He has the fondest childhood memories of visiting there and whenever all the family get together and share stories it's always "remember in Manuel Montt...." So naturally it was the first name he thought of for our label.


You can shop the Manuel Montt range here.

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