Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Chakra Cleansing & Why I've Made it a Daily Habit

I truly believe in filling your own cup so that it can overflow toward everyone else in your life. For me, I know that a happy Mama means a happy toddler and a happy hubby. So I ensure I take part in little self-care rituals each day. Little things that allow me to fill my cup. Some days that can be difficult because my little guy is like my shadow. As someone who enjoyed her me-time pre-baby, suddenly having someone attached to me 24/7 has been the hardest thing for me to deal with as a mum. 

Self-care rituals can be things like:

* using a gorgeous body scrub in your morning shower

* a dash of peppermint organic essential oil in the corner of your shower to pep you up

* a face mask

* using a really lovely hydrating body cream / oil all over your body after your shower

* an epsom salt bath with a few candles after the kids are asleep

* stretching or moving your body a little each day even if that's a few yoga poses with the kids jumping all over you ;-)

* meditation

* choosing a beautiful organic essential oil aromatic blend to wear as perfume each day

Then obviously if you have time away from the kids or are kid-free it can be things like just sitting in the moment and truly enjoying a hot cup of coffee / tea, going for a massage or a mani/pedi, reconnecting with nature and being truly present... you get the drift.

For me, one thing I do almost every single day when my little one is sleeping is a chakra cleanse meditation. If I miss it, I tend to feel tired and sometimes grumpy. By working on my energy every day I am radically changing my life. 

I had read plenty of books about meditation and dabbled in it here and there, read a bit about chakras, and had read Eckhart Tolle's "The Power of Now" but came to realise that you can read all the spiritual books in the world but you are simply not walking a spiritual life unless you are physically practising. So, last year, feeling a little lost as my baby was nearing his 1st birthday, and not really knowing where my life was headed anymore and just feeling a deep need to align with my soul purpose, if not for me, then most definitely for my amazing little boy, I joined Belinda Davidson's School of the Modern Mystic. It was here that I learned more about our energy field and each chakra in depth, what they love and how to cleanse them, and got myself to the point of practising a daily chakra cleanse meditation. I learned from Belinda and then physically learned myself that by changing your energy, you can truly change your life. Everything that is happening in your life is a result of what's going on within. I also learnt to work with the White Light and have a better understanding and daily practice in mindfulness. 

So for me, I relish the chance to do my daily chakra cleanse meditation. Even if that means I've had to face shadows at points along the way, I know that my life is shifting in a huge way. I am shifting in a huge way. 

If I were to look back a year ago, I really wasn't taking any time for myself at all. I was suffering lower back and hip problems which I have now dealt with, suffering anxiety which I've now dealt with, I was considering going back to a soul-sucking job after maternity leave, which I realised was something I absolutely couldn't do any longer and instead started my own business, I let go (with love) of the people in my life that weren't in alignment with me. But the most important things I've learned since starting my School of the Modern Mystic journey were:

1. To follow my intuition

I can't tell you how much more intuitive I have become. I'm learning to trust it more and more every day. It's so important to me as a Mother to be intuitively aware of my own child and his needs as well and shut out the outside noise of society's expectations. I'm making better, more soul-aligned decisions for myself and him now.

2. The Empowerment of Self-Healing

Knowing that through chakra cleansing, working with the white light and practising mindfulness I am healing my energy myself and changing my life myself! I'm no longer searching outside of myself constantly for answers.  That is so, so empowering!

Click Belinda's photo below to listen to her speak about how to keep your vibe raised when you live in a big city. This is wonderful for empaths. 

credit: Belinda Davidson

I thought over the next few posts I could share a little more about the chakras for those that might want to know more.

School of the Modern Mystic opens up for the next intake very soon. Click here to find out more and also to receive Belinda's well-known FREE white light healing sessions and chakra course. 

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