Thursday, September 8, 2011

Interview: Memphis Mae ~ Gallery Burlesque

Meet Memphis Mae, one of the stars of Gallery Burlesque. Not only a Burlesque performer but also a gorgeous pin-up model. According to Dr Sketchy's Anti Art School: "Think retro rock goddess meets 1950’s Stepford wife and you’ll only just begin to scrape the surface of what Memphis Mae has to offer. Inspired by all things glamour Memphis’s performances are anything but traditional."

In the lead up to the Sydney Fringe Festival, I had the pleasure of interviewing some of the Gallery Burlesque perfomers. You can read my article here. However, I felt that one little article wasn't enough and have decided to share with you a little Q & A with each performer over the next few days.


What's your act in Gallery Burlesque for The Sydney Fringe Festival all about?
A prim and proper equestrian rider who takes pride in her conservative look, but when she accidentally whips herself with her riding crop it opens a door that reveals her secret fetish.

How and when did you come into the Gallery Burlesque family?
I was lucky enough to have been introduced to Onur Ka through an acquaintance one night whilst at Gallery Burlesque. My first performance at GB was in March 2011 and I wouldn’t give it up for anything, aww ain’t that sweet!

How long have you been interested in Burlesque and when/where did you begin?
I have been interested in Burlesque for a couple of years now after going to countless great shows at the Vanguard and around Sydney. In March 2011, Starting off like many others at a wonderful night hosted by Lauren LaRouge and Holly Ja’doll. I was eventually known as the messy one due to my routines including, juicy fruit, milk and ridiculous amounts of glitter!

Where / how did you come up with your stage name, Memphis Mae?
My stage name Memphis Mae was born while sitting on the top of a mountain in the far West Indies amongst a small tribe of reindeer eating children.. no in actual fact my middle name is Mae and I knew I wanted to keep a part of my real name and Memphis Mae just rolls off the tongue.

Which Burlesque performers do you most admire & why?
I should say, Dita Von Teese or Gypsy Rose but the Sydney burlesque scene is so amazing that there is no need to look much further. Lillian Starr is one dancer who I most admire; creative, unique and so fucking hot! I couldn’t really go past this question without mentioning Georgia Ruby who is so outrageous and hilarious, what isn’t to admire about her!?

Have you ever had any mishaps or interesting out-of-the-ordinary things happen during one of your performances?
There is always going to be wardrobe malfunctions whether they are an item coming off too soon and sequins getting caught on your fishnets or glitter in every orifice. I still have a lot of time for possible mishaps and bizarre stage incidents to occur but my most standout mishap has to be when I was being the stage bitch for Gallery Burlesque's Doppelganger Dames night and just before Imogen Kelly came on to headline the night I smashed a glass all over the stage and delayed the night while the wonderful Onur Ka cleared, swept and mopped the stage. If you ever want to never be asked to be stage bitch again I have found the answer!

What do you hope The Sydney Fringe audiences get out of your act in GB?
Entertainment and a refund if they don’t like it!

For Sydney Fringe Festival details for Gallery Burlesque click here.

Check back shortly as I'll be introducing you to the oh-so-delightful Cherry Lush.

~ Clare x

Image courtesy of Gallery Burlesque

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