Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Interview: Betty Grumble ~ Gallery Burlesque

Meet Betty Grumble, “a former child pageant star, beauty queen, and burlesque heroine. Brain child (and alter-ego) of Sydney-based queer performance artist Emma Maye Gibson.” This bodacious burlesque babe, taking the Sydney burlesque scene by storm, is forever in character as a child beauty Queen, bringing us a knock-out show that combines comedy and horror with glitter and excess. She will be performing as part of The Sydney Fringe Festival for Gallery Burlesque.
Without further ado, I bring you 5 minutes with none other than Betty Grumble herself…


What’s your act in GB for The Sydney Fringe all about?
I, Betty Grumble, strives to reveal the innards of the most beautiful of objects, herself. This Gallery Burlesque Grumble will dazzle audiences with a flurry of glitz, glam and some classic sleaze/teaze.

How and when did you come into the Gallery Burlesque family?
I discovered GB early 2011 and have been enjoying it’s stage as performer and punter. I’m very beautiful.

How long have you been interested in Burlesque and when/where did you begin?
I was born burlesque, being the first flirty foetus to gyrate at Mummy’s gynaecologist. I have appeared in most burlesque nights in Sydney and Melbourne, everywhere that adores sassy hot bods with sequins and excess. Yeahhhhhh…

If you have a stage name, where/how did you come up with it?

I am Betty Grumble. Betty is derived from the latin ‘Betaieum’ meaning Ultimate Grand. Grumble comes from the French ‘Gruembelle’ or ‘She who is Supreme Slave’.

Which burlesque performers do you most admire & why?
When I look in the mirror, I know who is perfect. If I had to name a few inspirations Glitta Militia are a pack of babes, Aaron Manhattan, Bonzo and Germaine Greer can really work a crowd.

Have you ever had any mishaps or interesting out-of-the-ordinary things happen during one of your performances?
Never. Ultimate Grand Supreme.
What do you hope The Sydney Fringe audiences get out of your act in Gallery Burlesque?
A laugh and a funny feeling in their guts.

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I'll be heading to their first show for The Sydney Fringe Festival tonight & cannot wait to fill you all in on the gritty details!!

~ Clare x

Show Dates & Details:
September 14th & 28th, 2011
TONE,16 Wentworth Ave,Surry Hills, NSW
7.30 pm
Tickets $22.00
Supported by Sailor Jerry & Sydney Posters
Gallery Burlesque Info on The Sydney Fringe Website

GB Teaser Video

Photo courtesy of Onur Karaozbek, Gallery Burlesque


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