Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Gallery Burlesque ~ Where art & burlesque share a kiss & invite music over for a ménage à trois

Shimmying & shaking, twirling & whirling, bumpin' & grindin', cavorting & cajoling, struttin' & stripteasing... just a tiny morsel of what I was immersed in when I caught the latest Gallery Burlesque show for The Sydney Fringe Festival at Tone last Wednesday evening.

Considering the crowd at Tone that night, I was lucky enough to sneak in & quickly grab a table right up the front. With a cheeky drink in hand, I was ready for all the action. Soaking in the atmosphere before the mischief began, I understood exactly why Onur Karaozbek (the Papa of Gallery Burlesque) had told me to expect a night where "art & burlesque share a kiss & invite music over for a ménage à trois." The walls were donned in art & photography from local artists for all to peruse, the bar tenders were busy creating concoctions for the trendy burlesque-anticipators, and I knew to expect performances from not just burlesque beauties but also musicians, magicians and a little poetry too.

As Papa GB took to the microphone to introduce the show, I was struck by just how rare and wonderful nights like these are in Sydney now. Being a performer myself, married to a musician, we were just so moved by the amount of people that were there to support local art in all its various forms. I was so moved by Onur's passion as he spoke of how this particluar show would be their last at Tone as the venue had been sold to make way for whatever else may bring in more revenue but never fear, they had thankfully secured a new venue for the next show, Civic Underground.

I had been forewarned that the Gallery Burlesque show would be more neo than classic burlesque and to "anticipate nothing, expect everything." Well let me just say, I almost fell off my chair! This show was an artist's absolute delight. The night opened with a band who played a few covers to set the mood before launching into their own soulful yet grungy originals, then it was onto the burlesque.....

I saw everything from the sexy Sheena Miss Demeanour stripping en pointe, the naughty Fairytale Princess Poetess, Ember Flame, that storytellers left out, the vivacious Evie Va Voom teasing us with her strategically placed grape vines, Herbie Strangelove the "boylesque"performer (yes, that's right, not just women perform burlesque!) who was forced to strip for money after being left downtrodden & penniless on the streets, to U.S. child beauty pageant, Betty Grumble, whose onstage antics would make your hair curl! You have to see her to believe her! I also managed to get felt up by Kelly Ann Doll, who seemed to love audience participation.

Gallery Burlesque was a complete riot. I had such a fun night and will no longer be a stranger to their shows. Who knows...? Maybe one day I'll even give burlesque a try myself... Hey, it runs in my family after all, with my second cousin being a Moulin Rouge dancer...

Check out the Gallery Burlesque video from Ninemsn featuring Sheena Miss Demeanour & Kelly Ann Doll.

For details on their upcoming show on Wed 28th September at Civic Underground check here.

Tomorrow I'll bring you my interview with Papa GB, Onur Karaozbek.

~ Clare x

All photos courtesy of Gallery Burlesque
Evie Va Voom
Sheena Miss Demeanour
Betty Grumble
Sheena Miss Demeanour
Emma Maye
Cherry Lush
Kelly Ann Doll

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