Saturday, September 10, 2011

Interview: Cherry Lush ~ Gallery Burlesque

Introducing Cherry Lush, our next Gallery Burlesque star. According to this luscious gal's website "just one taste of her blood red fruit will have you begging for more. Beware: she will entice you with her ripely fem­in­ine form, yet leave you forever want­ing just one more bite…"

As I mentioned in yesterday's post: in the lead up to The Sydney Fringe Festival, I had the pleasure of interviewing some of the Gallery Burlesque perfomers. You can read my article here. However, I felt that one little article wasn't enough and have decided to share with you a little Q & A with each performer over the next few days.

What's your act in Gallery Burlesque for The Sydney Fringe Festival all about?
My act is about my transformation from Public Servant to Burlesque Performer! You all know that Public Servants in Hard hats and Reflective Vests don’t really like to work much…

How and when did you come into the Gallery Burlesque family?
I did some Burlesque Classes with Sheena Miss Demeanour, and went along to a show. At the end I told dearest Onur (The Papa of GB) that I simply MUST be in the next show! ;)

How long have you been interested in Burlesque and when/where did you begin?
I only found out about Burlesque a couple of years ago, but from that first moment I was hooked! I took classes simply to have fun and gain confidence but as time went on my desire to perform grew. I have been performing for about 18 months now and am a relative newcomer but it is firmly part of my life now. Where I began is a bit of a long story I have written about more on my blog:

Where/how did you come up with your stage name, Cherry Lush?
The name Cherry Lush is descriptive of who I am as a performer and what I look like. Cherries are round and red and delicious and my figure is as luscious as they come! I spent a lot of time coming up with my name but I honestly can’t remember where the inspiration first came from. It is really important when you are coming up with a name to find something fairly unique and that you research, google and search high and low to ensure your name is not similar to others. Your name is your brand and it should always be uniquely you.

Which Burlesque performers do you most admire & why?
Of the local performers- most of whom are part of the GB Family- well they are too numerous to name here. Internationally I adore Dirty Martini, as she is glamorous, sexy, funny and gets up and shakes and shimmies all she has got!

Have you ever had any mishaps or interesting out-of-the-ordinary things happen during one of your performances?
During my first performance in Sydney I “popped a pastie” (the decorated coverings over my nipples fell off) right in front of my parents! My mother was heard to exclaim “Your father’s going to have a heart attack!.” He was fine and actually laughed about it. It certainly was a crash course in learning to deal with wardrobe malfunctions, a burlesque workplace hazard, of which I have had many!

What do you hope The Sydney Fringe audiences get out of your act in GB?
Well most of all I hope they are ridiculously entertained! I hope that their panties get wet… because they have wet themselves laughing!
I hope they are inspired to go home and do whatever it is that they love to do.


For Sydney Fringe Festival details for Gallery Burlesque click here.

Check back tomorrow when I introduce you to none other than the vivacious Evie Va Voom.

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Image courtesy of Gallery Burlesque


  1. The "pop a pastie" story absolutely cracked me up!

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