Monday, November 8, 2010

Wild About Violets

I'm in love with purple and have been for as long as I can remember. My 18 month old daughter's name is Violet and since she was born I have collected all things violet, such as violet-fragranced hand creams, peoms about violets and violet recipes.

Earlier in the year on an antiquing trip (see Clare's post in May) I came across some French candies in several different flavours, including violet and I had to have them. The tin is so sweet and the candies are delicately flavoured with real violets. They're made in France by Les Anis de Flavigny.

Image from here

Just by chance, I found a recipe book on desserts made with violets and violet syrup. Monin brand makes many flavoured syrups, including violet, or 'Violette'. It's also fun to look at their extensive range of flavours - all the possibilities! 

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For the chocoholics, I found this chocolate maker who makes violet flavoured chocolates.

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Rococo Chocolates in London makes beautifully packaged luxury chocolates. They have many other floral chocolates, including jasmine and rose, as well as lots of curious flavours such as Cardamom, Sea Salt and Earl Grey Tea. I'd love to try them all!

image from here

I can just imagine how delicous this violet-scented yoghurt is by Mamie Nova.

In my search for all things violet-flavoured, I found quite a few blogs with very interesting posts.
 The Flowerfood blog is fascinating. It's dedicated to food flavoured with flowers. I found these two products that I'd love to try:
Violet jam
Violet lemonade
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Here are some recipes I'd love to try...
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Violet macaroons (a recipe from Master Chef) featured in a post on Bubble and Sweet - a gorgeous blog full of dessert recipes beautifully presented and photographed.
photo from here
I love jelly! The most exotic flavour I've tried is lilly pilly, which was delicious. I'd like to try this recipe.

image from here
How lovely would a lemon cupcake with beetroot frosting and candied violets taste?
I'd love to try recipe if I could find some violets to crystallise!

And lastly, this stunning presentation of violet ice-cream...

image from here
Courtesy of Playing with Fire and Water, an amazing blog by chef foodplayerlinda

I hope you enjoyed exploring the culinary delights of violets as much as I did and discovered some fabulous blogs on the way.

Have an amazing week!

~Linda xx


  1. Beautiful Violet round up. :) The cupcake looks delicious!

  2. Oh my!!! These images are absolutely delicious!!! I save them, one by one!!! You always give me great sensations! Have a great day!

  3. I love your blog and all the wonderful purpleness about it. The violet jelly looks beautiful and I really want to find some violet lemonade - I had some in France but have never found any in the UK. Definitely adding you to my top blog list. If you're ever in London, do check my blog too :) Bye for now.. Miss Immy x


Thanks for sharing on Soulful Mama ~ Clare x