Thursday, November 11, 2010

Keep On Truckin'

I never knew a party on the back of a truck could be so glamorous....

Until I found this "Dessert Table on a Truck" shoot over at Amy Atlas.

I love the grey & lemon theme.

There's just something about sugared pears... they always look so beautiful.

Styled by Heather of WhipperBerry
Photographed by Jeanna Hayes
Found via Amy Atlas

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!
My show opens tomorrow night, the nerves are beginning to set in - eek!

~ Clare x


  1. I adored it! It's ready to be shared also on my blog ;) Hugs to you Clare. Cheers:*

  2. Oh wow! I never thought grey and lemon would look so good together! Enjoy a beautiful day, Kellie xx

  3. Thank you for the compliment, your blog is fabolous.....have a nice weekend..kisses♥

  4. How fabulous...and such adorable details!

    I hope your weekend is lovely, cheers: Evi

  5. Ps: Thank You for the nice comment about my photos dear means a lot :-)

  6. Oh gosh!!! This is stunning! Amy Atlas is absolutely the best...and so you are!!
    Thanks for sharing these inspiring and sweet images!


Thanks for sharing on Soulful Mama ~ Clare x