Saturday, July 17, 2010

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas...

... except for a few photos that I'll share on the blog!

So I am back in cold Sydney & not really happy to be back. Las Vegas was a blast & there was so much to see & just not enough time. The weather was a scorching 45 degrees most of the week, so naturally there were plenty of cocktails in hand.

Here are just a few of my favourite pics from the trip. I will share more with you in the next post, as there are so many.

Viva Las Vegas...

There's me touching the Eiffel Tower!

The Bellagio fountain show was one of my favourite attractions, so sorry, but there are quite a lot of photos of this...

Yes, we checked out a drive-through wedding chapel...

All photos by me, please ask permission for use

That's all for now. Next post I will share the inside of some of my favourite casinos. They are just out of this world!

Hope you all had a wonderful week. I am now trying to catch up on all my favourite blogs and what I've missed this week.

~ Clare x

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