Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I reached the Alps: the soul within me burned,
Italia, my Italia, at thy name:
And when from out the mountain's heart I came
And saw the land for which my life had yearned,
I laughed as one who some great prize had earned:
And musing on the marvel of thy fame
I watched the day, till marked with wounds of flame
The turquoise sky to burnished gold was turned.
The pine-trees waved as waves a woman's hair,
And in the orchards every twining spray
Was breaking into flakes of blossoming foam:
But when I knew that far away at Rome
In evil bonds a second Peter lay,
I wept to see the land so very fair. 

Sonnet on Approaching Italy ~ Oscar Wilde


A promised, on my lead-up to my Vegas trip (I leave in just 3 days!) I am posting a few of my favourite travel photos from a variety of beautiful places I have visited. I recently took you to Paris, Linda recently took you on a California road trip, and when we started this blog I kicked off the very first post with a few of my all time favourite travel photos from all over. 

Today I am taking you to Italy.




All images by me, please ask permission or link back to this blog before using

~ Clare x


  1. Have you been to italy? When...
    Are you going to Vegas...my dream!
    It's on my travel location list!
    Have a nice week

  2. I went to Italy in 2005. I would love to go again and see much more!
    I leave for Vegas in just 2 days, can't wait!
    You have a wonderful week too.
    ~ Clare x

  3. i so miss italy! such a beautiful place.
    enjoy vegas!


Thanks for sharing on Soulful Mama ~ Clare x