Saturday, July 3, 2010

Lavender: French Essence

So glad it's the weekend. Only 2 more days of work for me next week and I'm off to Las Vegas!

Last night I clicked onto one of my favourite blogs only to find 2 images that actually took my breath away. My mouth dropped open & I was speechless. Once I regained my grip on reality, I grabbed my husband to show him these pictures as well. I just had to share this wonderful blog with you and these truly amazing images. I don't think a simple photograph has affected me so much in a very, very long time. 

The blog I'm talking about is French Essence by a fellow Aussie, Vicki Archer. Although Vicki now lives in Saint Remy de Provence in southern France and I dream about living her life on an olive farm. She's is also the author of 2 books (which I'm hoping to purchase and read very soon) called My French Life & of course French Essence.

Here are the images that took my breath away in her latest post....

All images by Vicki Archer at French Essence

The 1st image is her garden!
Do yourself a favour and check out Vicki's blog.

Happy 4th of July for tomorrow to everyone in the US!

~ Clare x


  1. Thank you.....I am so happy that you enjoyed them. The lavender in Provence is at it's best right now, the scent is incredible and the colour fantastic. Happy weekend, xv.

  2. I so agree, what a wonderful weekend gift.

    Love the idea of the three of you writing together. What fun.

    I have several close Australian friends and they are some of the most creative, fun women I have ever known. Soooo, I'm definitely looking forward to following the three of you.

  3. Why, thank you for the lovely comment Tish. And thank you, Vicki.
    ~ Clare x


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