Friday, September 23, 2016

Chakra 4 - Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra | 4th Chakra | Anahata

Chakra 4 or your Heart Chakra is all about love. Not just love and forgiveness of others but self love, self forgiveness. This chakra is located in the heart region. The colour for chakra 4 is green.


My favourite ways to connect with my heart chakra and really amp up the self love are:

* making daily gratitude lists

* surrounding myself with green and starting to notice it everywhere I go

* concentrating on my heart and imagining breathing green light into it

* practicing love, forgiveness, compassion, and small acts of paying it forward

* practicing letting go of old hurts

* eat or juice green foods such as spinach, kale, broccoli, kiwi, green apples & grapes, limes, pear, asparagus, green beans & peas, cucumber, green capsicum, and celery.

* really connect with my heart. Try to think about this area as I do day to day activities. Including my arms and hands. This is also a great tip for mindfulness.

* As I mentioned in my previous posts on chakra onetwo, and three, I love to wear an organic essential perfume oil that resonates with each chakra. I personally use Lemon Canary's chakra range of perfume oils. They smell exquisite and come with matching stones which I like to meditate with and are packaged so beautifully. They also have a chakra candle range and a chakra mist range. All organic. Jasmin infuses them all with Reiki too. For chakra four think notes of ylang ylang, sweet orange, lime, geranium, patchouli, rosemary, rose otto, and lavender.

image: Looking Glass

When I think about my heart chakra I think about how much it's been cracked wide open since having  my little one. He really has been the catalyst for me going within and wanting to face my shadow and fears and release them to the light. Be the best mama I possibly can for him. My maternity photo above was done in Maui with Dahlia Couture Glamour who are also the gorgeous team behind Tamiz Photography. (I've just added some green light to this particular photo for my heart chakra post)

After a yoga pose to support your heart chakra? Camel Pose is perfect for opening the heart centre.

You can find more on yoga poses to support each chakra here

For a much more in-depth course on your chakras and learning how to cleanse and balance them along with becoming more intuitive, soul aligned, and mindful, and also learning to work with the white light, I highly recommend Belinda Davidson's School of the Modern Mystic. Enrolment is NOW OPEN!! There is an earlybird price for those enrolling by September 30th. Click here for the earlybird discount. SoMM only opens its doors once a year so if learning from one of the worlds top medical intuitives, spiritual change agents, and modern day mystics, is calling you, then please take advantage of the earlybird price or you may just have to wait until this time next year.

You can read more about how the course has radically changed my life here. I'll leave you with a video of Belinda answering all of your questions about level 1 in School of the Modern Mystic. Please note, this video was from last year (2015 intake) so you actually have until September 30th to enrol at the earlybird price and then until October 5th before enrolment completely closes for 2016. 

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Note: I am not an affiliate for Lemon Canary but just personally love her chakra range of oils and have found them to be a wonderful support for my daily chakra work. I am however an ambassador for Belinda Davidson's School of the Modern Mystic. It has radically changed my energy, changed my life, and I am a huge advocate for how daily chakra cleansing, daily white light work, and practising mindfulness can radically raise your vibe and change your life.

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