Monday, August 15, 2011

Vintage Books, Shoes & Chandeliers...

These are a few of my favourite things.

All photos by moi - taken on the Hipstamatic app for the iPhone4

Vintage books on my mantelpiece, animal print boots on the La Maison dresser, chandelier sconces, treasures & trinkets on my bookcase and just a part of my shoe collection... Thought I'd share a glimpse into my world. So tell me, what are your favourite things in your home?

~ Clare x


  1. Oooh my! Those boots! Well, I was going to rave about how amazing they are (and they most certainly are) until I got a glimpse at the rest--you are girl of my own heart! Shoes, shoes, shoes...le sigh. I so miss our old house for my shoe closet (tiny but nonetheless) and my chandeliers (which were a part of the deal for the sale, alas).

    But also oriental rugs and the mementos that we have brought home from our travels.

  2. That shoe collection is outrageous-how divine! I love our bookshelves full of stories and momentos, and our art collection!

  3. Fabulous! Loving those gorgeous shoes! Have a wonderful day, Kellie xx

  4. Loving the owl and the framed Eiffel Tower! xo


Thanks for sharing on Soulful Mama ~ Clare x