Tuesday, August 2, 2011

5 Fictional Characters I'd Love to Have Coffee With...

I came across this article on All Women Stalk the other day & it's had me thinking... which fictional characters would I most love to have coffee with...? In no particular order, here's my five:

Who wouldn't want to attend the Mad Hatter's Tea Party? 
(so, ok, I'd have to have tea not coffee)
Amelie Poulain. I love this character more than I can say.
I'd be a complete & utter liar if I didn't include Mr Darcy here.
Gandalf; for his wisdom.
The Wizard of Oz. I could do with some courage right now.

Now, do tell me, who would your top 5 be?

~ Clare x



  1. This post is awesome! I LOVE Amelie too - one of my favorite movies ever! Hmmmmm... here's my Top 5:

    - Bridget from Bridget Jones' Diary (I'd think she'd be a riot to have coffee with!)
    - Hurley from Lost (I wasn't even a huge fan of the show - it was just average for me- but his character was a lot of fun).
    - Either of the Dashwood sisters from Sense & Sensibility.
    - Pinnochio
    - Amelie

    But I like so many characters, so my list will probably change tomorrow, LOL. Fun post!

  2. Oh yes! I knew someone would come up with one I love but just couldn't think of!! I would definitely pick Bridget Jones too! Thanks Dionne :-)

    ~ Clare x

  3. Hmm... I would have to give this one some though! xo


Thanks for sharing on Soulful Mama ~ Clare x