Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tales from the Tightrope

I found these amazing images of Reese Witherspoon for American Vogue inspired by the film Water for Elephants over at A White Carousel & was so inspired I just had to share.
I've always secretly dreamed of running away with the circus!

All above images via A White Carousel
Peter Lindbergh for Vogue

I haven't had a chance to see the film yet, have you? I think hubby & I will catch it at Gold Class as we have some vouchers to use.
In honour of all things circus on my mind right now, here are a few other inspiring circus theme images from around the blogosphere that have my heart skipping a beat...

My very awesome husband knocked up that invite on the left for my parents to give to friends for their birthday. They bought them tickets to Cirque du Soleil but the tickets hadn't quite arrived in time to pop in their birthday card. Isn't he a gem? My Mum was over the moon.

So... anyone else wanna run away with the circus with me?

~ Clare x



  1. Clare! I'm having such an awful day today, but these STUNNING images have taken me to a totally different filled with colour, romance, magic and laughter. Where kids and adults alike stare in wonder and amazement. Where all you can hear is the sound of an elephant trumpet, the roar of the crowd and the introductions of the ring leader. Where everybody smiles, cheers and squeals! Oh...bliss. Thank you for sharing.
    ~ Katie

  2. Here I am, Clare!!! Ready to go!!! I guess we'd have a lot of fun.....and...uhmm.I absolutely adore the picture with the white it!

  3. Simply stunning! I haven't seen the film yet either, but it's on my list-it looks so magical!

  4. You have such a clever husband, Clare! I feel so behind the times but I haven't heard of that movie yet. Elephants are amazing, aren't they? Their incredible memories and the way they have their emotional life is very inspiring. xx

  5. Reese certainly does look stunning in those pics Clare.

    I certainly can see you in those images ... funnily enough, I have never wanted to run away to join the circus .. but I can understand the romantic notion of it all, especially if you got to look like these dolls!
    Thanks for your sweet comments.

    Have a great weekend hon!

  6. Wow your pics really 'did' it for me! I love love love creative photos! These were such an awesome selection! Thanks for posting and taking the time to get them together! Beautiful! I love the circus though only to watch... I like a house too much to join ;) Wow! your clever hubby!!!! V.impressed!! ƸӜƷ x ƸӜƷ x ƸӜƷ

  7. Gorgeous! SOoooo whimsical and pretty. Love it!


Thanks for sharing on Soulful Mama ~ Clare x