Friday, May 27, 2011

Moody Moving

Sorry for the absence this week. I am moving house & have also been fixing up said house. I've come to realise this about myself:
I don't really find renovations all that fun and; I really detest packing boxes. 

To get me into the spirit of moving & to help me embrace this new change, I have been having a little "pinning" fun on Pinterest, picking out lovely inspiration for my new home. I thought I share a few pics from my pinboard There's No Place Like Home.

 This entire bedroom, the walls, the floors, the furniture & decor... perfect!

 Loving these ornate white walls & the wooden floors.

 Beautiful headboard. Such a sweet & simple room.

 I'm in love with the floors, the velvet lounge, the huge windows, the chandelier, just everything about this picture...

 A perfect reading nook.

 Books galore & a fireplace, I don't think I need anything else.

 I adore every single detail of this room. Look at those high ceilings with all those windows!!

White on white...sigh....

Have a great weekend. I know what I'll be doing - arrghhh!

~ Clare x



  1. Just think how great it will be when you're finally in your new place (and all the $$ you're going to be saving - yes!)!! And to top it all off, you now know that you've got an extremely handy hubby who is a bit of a renovating guru :)

    I love your fireplace pic, with all those books, a comfy chair and a throw run....ah bliss.

    ~ Katie x

  2. Wow ... I'm in love with those soaring walls and windows in the second last photo Clare.

    Gosh, I've moved so many times ... and the packing never gets any easier ... but I hate the unpacking even more!
    How fun, to decorate your new place ... thats my favourite part!

    I'll be thinking of you this weekend ... happy moving.

  3. What gorgeous inspiration-hopefully it will keep you motivated this weekend!

  4. Beautiful pictures Clare....good luck this weekend, xv.

  5. Love these pictures Clare, you have impeccable taste!


  6. Gorgeous. Pinterest is so great for inspiration, huh? I love that first bedroom... dreamy! xo

  7. I want that first bed, and I also want those AMAZING windows in the second last pic!


Thanks for sharing on Soulful Mama ~ Clare x