Monday, May 2, 2011

Mad Love Teaser

Check out the teaser vid for brand spankin new label Mad Love!! This video was shot by Cybele Malinowski during the photoshoot for the Mad Love lookbook, which I was lucky enough to attend & bring you guys some sneaky behind the scenes shots. You can check out my post here if you haven't seen it yet.

Here's a little message from Mad Love designer, Gill Lawrence:

Welcome to the world of Mad Love, where life is one big festival and your clothes are the music. We have brought together some talented, inspired people to make Mad Love happen, and the result is everything we hoped for - crazy, fun, cool. Very cool.

To invite you into our world, we have produced an amazing short film that captures the essence of our brand and overwhelms your senses.

Directed by Cybele Malinowski, accomplished fashion and music photographer that has worked with some of the biggest names around - Slash, Lady Gaga and Crowded House to name a few, Cybele has applied her sharp and vivid style to motion picture, bringing her photographic vision to life.

The uber cool edit is the magic touch of Stephen Claxton, Steven spends his time shooting short interviews with film stars and musos and lately he has worked on live streams for Katie Noonan and The Versus. He is also the vocalist of Sydney band Go/No-Go.
And the soundtrack... that leaves you wanting more. An original piece by Sydney musician Dan Arena, who has worked with Sarah Blasko and 78 SAAB and is the guitarist/keyboardist of Sydney band Go/No-Go.

But for now - you only get the teaser. The full length version will be available closer to launch date. But it's a taste of whats to come, and it's so very very amazing.

We hope you madly love it as much as we do.

~ Gill

Cybele Malinowski
Here's to a week of falling madly in love!
~ Clare x


  1. Oh wow! Lena exactly wrote what I wanted to! Divine!

  2. Thanks for posting this - I've never even heard of it until now!


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