Friday, July 15, 2016

A Greener Clean with HaRa Australia - plus 15% off

Recently I met up with Bindy Naus, owner of HaRa Australia, when I was up on the Sunny Coast. She showed us their wonderful fibre cleaning system and talked us through the benefits of fibre cleaning vs chemicals. With their products you don't require chemicals whatsoever! Just add water. In fact, you can say goodbye to bleach forever! We were pretty excited to jump on board their "green mission" and join forces through our company, Manuel Montt. We're passionate about reducing chemicals around the home and with HaRa we get that. It's better for us, our precious bub, and of course the environment. 

HaRa Australia are kindly offering all Manuel Montt customers 15% off their entire website for the month of July so I thought I'd share the offer with you guys too. No code required, simply shop via this link for 15% off.

Here's an interview with owner and manager Bindy Naus about Ha-Ra and their green mission, how she came to start up Ha-Ra Australia and why she's passionate about reducing chemicals around the home. You can check out the interview they did with us and why we started up Manuel Montt over here.

Meet Bindy. Since 1993 Bindy and her husband Leon have given Australian’s the opportunity to access the incredible Ha-Ra® fibre products and spend less time cleaning whilst maintaining the cleanest environment possible without the use of chemicals. 

Passionate about the benefits both for the individual user and the environment, Leon and Bindy dedicate their time to educating the greater community about cleaning and love showing people how to have a better than professional clean in half the time, so they can spend more of their time doing what they love.

1. How did you get your career start with Ha-Ra and what path have you taken since?

Our GREEN MISSION started 23 years ago. As a 40 year old Mum I was looking for a home based business with my husband. It was really important to me spending time with my children while being flexible with working hours. As an ex-nurse I saw the great opportunity becoming the importer of Ha-Ra® - the pioneer of micro-fibre cleaning - to educate people that there is no need for harsh chemicals to create a safe environment for the whole family. 

Since then we have come a long way with a new website and innovative social media platforms. Our aim is to create flexible business opportunities for individuals while working in the environmental sector and promoting a healthy & chemical-free way of life. Especially for young Mums using Online platforms like Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram this could be an attractive opportunity while staying at home. 

2. What is the biggest challenge you've faced along the way?

Educating people that there is no need for chemicals! If you have a clean and dry surface you don’t give bacteria and mould the chance to grow. For example: Just because a toilet smells citrus and lavender fresh doesn't mean it is clean!

3. What is your proudest career achievement?

I was 43 years old with two little babies when I invested our last $6000 on a credit card and started working as a Ha-Ra Agent. After 12 months we built the business and ended up becoming the sole importers in Australia with the largest turn over. It still amazes me to see what a human being can do when they want to give their best for the children. It was all about sinking or swimming. I believe I swam! 

4. Why are you so passionate about helping families reduce their chemical exposure and what are your top tips for this?

I read 20 years ago that household chemicals would eventually make society infertile. My question now, why do we have so much IVF? It is time to educate society on using no chemical pollutants. I believe this is my bit to give to the earth. I love to keep myself busy and active while running our blog online with funny videos and green cleaning tips plus my own Instagram account. (@bindynaus) 

5. Favourite thing about living on Australia’s Sunshine Coast?

We are really grateful living in such a clean pristine environment with clean water ways and less car and industrial pollutants. It is definitely an advantage to promote a healthy & sustainable way of life in a holiday destination like Noosa. That's why we are also proud members of the Noosa Eco Check program providing Hotels, Caravan Parks and Resorts with chemical-free cleaning solutions. 

6. Who inspires you?

My Husband and children and of course this fantastic chemical-free cleaning system. I would like to let Australia know that Ha-Ra® is the system with the highest quality in the world. I am confident to say: If you have a look alike you should compare it with the quality of Ha-Ra®. All products are manufactured in Germany with a 100% Guarantee. 

7. What’s you favourite Manuel Montt design?

Our favourite is the Palm Trees Shirt. It covers exactly what we enjoy up here on the Sunshine Coast. Palm trees, sandy toes, messy hair and a swim all day. We are looking forward to a Manuel Montt & Ha-Ra® Signature Shirt in the future - Get on your bike and make a difference!


You can learn more about reducing chemicals in your home over here. If you join the newsletter list you'll immediately receive a FREE chemical-free eBook. Plus take advantage of the 15% discount for the month of July!!

Check out the interview HaRa did with me over here....

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