Friday, March 23, 2012

Rodeo Show: The First Crusader

All images from Rodeo Show

The A/W collection from label Rodeo Show entitled "The First Crusader" has just dropped and I'm in love. This campaign, reminiscent of a modern day Secret Garden, was shot by Stephen Chee. Combining "artistic prints in the form of abstract geometrics and painterly florals, the palette sees warm shades of burnt neutrals, coral, and terracotta alongside cooler complements like olive, teal and lilac. A signature mix of feminine details  - think pleats, lace overlays and ruffled necklines, together with tailored blazers, tapered trousers and effortless shirting. Sequin party dresses, chunky cable knits, faux fur jackets and woolen cocoon coats round out the collection."

I can't wait to get my hands on the Marionette Maxi Dress, the Pandora Fur Jacket, and the Constantine Lace Maxi Dress! I can see them becoming my new Autumn staples already.
"The First Crusader" is currently dropping into stores and is available online at

I have long had a love affair with Rodeo Show. I actually bought my bridesmaid dresses from them a few years back. Beautiful silk lavender cocktail dresses. Here's a little peek at them... (although I added the purple sashes, the dresses actually came with a cute little black ribbon around the waist but I just changed it up a little to fit with my theme)

~ Clare x

Image: Reef Gaha


  1. Geez Louise, you are a teeny tiny willow o'the whisp, Clare! Beauties all around and the dresses look great!

  2. What a gorgeous collection, and such a gorgeous photo of you and your bridesmaids!

  3. I can see why you like Rodeo Show. And your wedding! A bouquet of beautiful flowers...starring YOU!

  4. i love the clothes but her hair is to be envied!
    Beautiful wedding pictures... the dresses have a beautiful color!
    happy weekend!

  5. This brings back great memories of your wedding day Clare. I loved being one of your ladies in lavender. My fondest memories are your dad's speech, the electric atmosphere with the storm clouds during the ceremony and the romantic reception with the rain on the windows of the pontoon on our beautiful Sydney Harbour xx

    Love the Rodeo Shoe collection. The long print dress is my fave.

    Linda xx


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