Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rocked My World!

Wanna know what rocked my world this week? 
Ok, this week & a half...

Jimmy Eat World at The Enmore - definitely the best gig I've ever seen them play!.

Rodrigo y Gabriela at The Enmore - yes I seem to be living at The Enmore lately. These guys are amazing guitarists and this gig was such perfect timing as this week is our wedding anniversary & we happened to play Rod y Gab at our wedding. Awww! Learnt some awesome news from the talented duo at their gig last night, they have just done the score for the latest Pirates of the Carribean & will be scoring the Puss in Boots movie (yup, the character in Shrek gets his own movie)

Bell Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing at the Opera House - Go see it!! This was such a wonderful production of Much Ado. It left me feeling so inspired afterwards, I just adored every minute of it. Each actor truly held their own but Blazey Best as Beatrice was outstanding & Toby Schmitz was by far the cheekiest, most entertaining Benedick I've ever seen. He is truly an amazing, inspiring actor.

A gift from Rome - yesterday I received a special little gift in the post from the lovely Laura of Ricevere con Stile. For her recent birthday, her husband had little booklets made up for her all about her blog from its humble beginnings until now. I can't believe how sweet her hubby is! Laura so kindly sent me a copy & when I received it yesterday it made my day. Now to translate it all....

So what rocked your world this week?

~ Clare x

Credits: Jimmy Eat World, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Bell Shakespeare, Looking Glass (Clare).


  1. Clare!!!!thank you for this sweet post!!
    You're absolutely cute..

  2. When you translate it all, send it to me! He really is the best hubby on Earth!

  3. Awesome week in a half for you!
    What rocked my week! I had my mentor who is now retired, fly out from Washington to speak at my work for a day to speak about her career, her passions on the environment & women development.... it was a huge success.
    Have a Happy Weekend!!

  4. How great that your received a little package from your friend in Rome... isn't blogging the best?! xo

  5. What a fabulous week! I mean week and half! Enjoy the wonderful day, Kellie xx


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