Monday, August 30, 2010

A sneaky Before and After

Being my first blog here I guess I should introduce myself.

Im Dann, the renovator, the mum 2 be that's renovating, the one who is now constantly asking herself - WHY did we get ourselves into this?

Today I thought I would give you all a look at my now finished bathroom.

But first we should start at the beginning......

12 months ago hubby and I bought our first home in Woonona on the South Coast of NSW. It needed a lot or should that be A LOT of work, but with hubby being a carpenter/builder we thought it was a challenge we could take on, and something that hubby could eventually use to showcase his work. Oh and it has amazing ocean views and is totally "that worst house, on the best street" kind of property.

Now I dont want to give away too much as there are loads more reno posts to come, but it sort of looked a little like this.

Its a palace isn't it? (and I dont mean that 2 storey mansion next door)

So after our wedding and relaxing honeymoon hubby and I got stuck into it and we are actually now living here (have been since May). Its looks completely different now. But lets start with the amazing bathroom transformation. 

It was so bad I could barely even bring myself to walk into the room. There wasn't even a toilet. 

Now after knocking down/ replacing a few walls (well all of them) and deciding that we should actually turn the 3rd bedroom into the new downstairs bathroom.

Thats the bathroom door there. As you can see, we really started over. 

Waterproofed and ready for the tiler to get in there. 

We came up with this. 

We still need to hang that amazing freedom mirror (only $169)

And our bath. A bargain at $200 from a good friend of hubby. Cast Iron 1.8m long and sooooo deep - I love it. 

Yes this room is a massive 3.6 x 3.6m. But we thought with a soon to be growing family and that it will essentially be our main bathroom some space would be good. You have never heard anyone complain about a bathroom being too big now have you? 

So stay tuned. There are loads more fun DIY things for you all to see. I promise I will try and update weekly from now on. Ill show you the shower next time. x x

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  1. Dann I love your renos! I don't know how you guys have done it. Can't wait for you to show more. I could never do all this.

    ~ Clare x


Thanks for sharing on Soulful Mama ~ Clare x