Sunday, August 8, 2010

Roller Derby Rocks! So does Simon Johnson

The sun is shining this lovely (but still very chilly) Sunday morning as sit here with a coffee in hand. I've had a great weekend so far.

Friday night I saw one of my closest friends perform in a David Williamson play called Brilliant Lies. She was wonderful, I was so proud of her.

Saturday I had brunch with friends & a little shopping. We went to the Simon Johnson store to stock up on many high quality condiments. If you don't know who Simon Johnson is, he's a chef who owns 8 retail stores across Australia and is apparently now stocked in the UK. His Castlecrag store in Sydney (and maybe his other stores too, not sure I've only ever been to this one) has a fromagerie inside! I'm a cheese addict, so this is exciting for me, although not for Dann, who is pregnant, and had to step outside because she couldn't handle the cheese smell ha ha ha!

All images from Simon Johnson's website

I purchased some of this scrumptious aioli & some butter chicken paste. Dann got her chocolate fix and our friend grabbed some Christine Manfield Massaman Curry Paste.


Last Night I went to my first ever Roller Derby game! It was awesome! I loved it. I had so much fun I feel inspired to pop on my skates again (if I still have a pair somewhere) & go for a roll.

I was expecting an actual rink with everyone seated around it but no.... there was no rink. The die-hard fans (I suppose you would call them) sat in a circle around the track on the floor. These seats are (of course) called the "suicide seats." Let me tell you, there were a few fans who ended up with a skater in their lap!

The game last night was The D'viants vs The Screaming Assault Sirens.

D'viants image from here

Screaming Assault Sirens image from here

My eventful weekend doesn't end here. Today I'm off for a lazy Sunday lunch with the family and tonight I'm going to check out Florence and the Machine!!!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, lovely readers.

~ Clare x


  1. Just a quick note to wish you a great Summer!
    I'm off to bed right now...Talk to you at the end of the month!I'm leaving for 2 weeks ...

  2. Massaman curry is my fav...hands down!!! :) Glad you had a lovely weekend my dear!


Thanks for sharing on Soulful Mama ~ Clare x