Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mr Sandman Bring Me a Dream....

Make it the cutest home that I've ever seen......

Today I've been spying through my looking glass
rustic homes with neutral shades, french accents  & vintage embellishments.
I hope you enjoy these pictures I've found!


All of these delightful images are from Living Inside 
A photo agency dedicated to interior design  

 These 3 images are all from the magnificent website Restoration Hardware
Look at those amazing 19th Century Pendant Lights in Pic#2
I'm in love with the Lounge Room in Pic# 3
Wish my home looked like this.....

The above two dreamy images are from Architectural Salvage

Well I'm off to bed in the hope that Mr Sandman will bring me 
a dream home like some of these... sigh...

~ Clare x

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