Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Does anyone else feel exactly like this?!! When I read this I thought "YES! This is it! This is exactly how I feel right now." After a year and a half of daily chakra cleansing and healing my energy field, dedicating myself to meditation, mindfulness practices, and re-reading Eckhart Tolle, this is how I've come to feel. I thought perhaps I was still stuck in thick and muck of working through some really deep blockages, which I quite possibly am, but this quote above from Eckhart really resonates with exactly how I've been feeling for a little while now. 

The process has been a gentle one. I don't mean there haven't been rough periods, because there certainly have been, and I know there'll be plenty more to come because, well, facing our shadow is the only way to let more light in. To clear away the cobwebs and the fog and come out the other side lighter and more joyful. There will always be ebbs and flows because that's how we learn and grow. What I mean by being gentle is that I didn't wake up one day and say "wow, I'm suddenly going to cut this and that person out of my life and I'm going to stop doing all these things, take up these things, and stop reacting like this, and start thinking this..." etc. It's more that now certain things will happen and I can see that I no longer feel the same as I did say a year ago, or I no longer react the way I would have even 6 months ago. 

Every day I see people madly going about pursuing their "passion" and that's wonderful if it truly is what lights them up and what their soul purpose is. I say, high five to you!! But for me, I keep seeing all these courses on discovering your soul purpose, your true calling etc etc and these courses don't seem to have any deep dedication to spiritual practices and I think, how are they going to help me? I can already list off all the things I'm deeply passionate about right now and that light me up, but none of my chosen paths have ever been right for me. The door has always closed. So now I can see that the reason I've been feeling lately like I was drifting along in a sort of limbo, or as Eckhart says above, "a no-man's land between two worlds" is because I've come so far and have released so much of what was never really me, yet I still have much work to do. My "inner and outer purpose have not merged" yet. So today I feel a ripple of excitement. That bubbly sensation that much adventure awaits and I would say that I can't wait for the integration of my inner and outer purpose, but then that wouldn't be very present of me, would it? ;-)


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