Friday, June 14, 2013

Blue Mountains

It's almost here! In just 3 weeks my hubby & I head to Chile to visit his family (it's been 15 years since we've visited!!) and then after celebrating a wedding we will head to Peru to visit the Sacred Valley, trek the Inca Trail, and be amazed by the Nazca Lines. I'm so unbelievably excited to be crossing 2 things off our bucket list (Inca Trek and Nazca Lines). In the meantime we have been trying to get fit and wear in our hiking boots for the 4 day trek. Each week we've been going for walks / hikes and not only is it wearing in our boots, we're seeing some of Sydney and Australia's most beautiful sites.

Here we are with our favourites, Katie & Ben, on the National Pass Trail at Wentworth Falls in the Blue Mountains. We passed spectacular Empress Falls and Valley of the Waters, to finally make our way up the strenuous but oh-so-worth-the-view, Grand Stairway. These stairs were hand-carved into the rock face over a 100 years ago and are quite gigantic for someone with little legs like me! The Grand Stairway is the tallest outdoor staircase in Australia. I made it though - even if my heart felt like it was beating in my throat!
All images by Creative Flair

I highly recommend this trip to anyone visiting Sydney or even those of you who live here but have never visited Wentworth Falls. The views from the National Pass trail are spectacular and if you're worried about the steep climb, you really can take the walk at your own pace.

Next walk to share will be The Spit Bridge to Manly Scenic Walkway.

Have you done the Inca Trek? If so, feel free to share any travel hints, tips, tricks below.

Clare x


  1. Ooh! Your trip is going to be amazing, Clare! I am so excited for you...

  2. How beautiful. Have an awesome trip, Clare <3

  3. What awesome photos - a visit to Australia is on my 'to-do' list as I have lots of friends & family there, just have to find the time.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog too ...

    Dee at the Carlton

  4. It's well worth the long trip, Dee!

    C x

  5. OMG I'm so glad we did that hike, Clare. It was so beautiful and worth the effort. Just goes to show how much of our city we have yet to explore...and I can't wait to explore some more with you xxx

    PS that jump shot is HILARIOUS. Love it!!!!

    ~ Katie

    1. Can't wait to help you check off your "30 things before 30" list!

      C x

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  7. This kind of place refreshes the mind and soul.

  8. How beautiful! I love the Blue Mountains, esp this time of the year.


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