Sunday, October 14, 2012

Instagram ~ my world of late

Brunch, roses & Moet for Mum & Dad's anniversary
Sydney Flower Markets
High Coffee at the Cortile, InterContinental 
New wall adornments: vintage maps from French Larkspur & a pretty, white deer head
Amazon drop! Vicki Archer's French Essence/My French Life, Nichole Robertson's Paris in Colour
Hubby got a new tattoo - it's me on our wedding day! Tattooed by our dear friend, Amanda Cain
Dinner to celebrate the new tattoo at el loco
Mini Me at shoal Bay Beach
A few shots of beautiful Port Stephens
Boulder Bay, the entire shore is covered in these boulders. See how tiny my feet are in comparison?
Bliss! Hanging with the fam enjoying cappuccinos, dreamy cocktails, steak sandwiches & browsing our favourite lifestyle mags

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~ Clare x


  1. Such a gorgeous few weeks–and your hubby's tattoo is stunning, and so sweet!

    1. The tattoo was a little surprise, I had no idea ;-)

  2. Love this peek into your life. The tattoo of you looks amazing!

    Just letting you know i'm hosting a giveaway at the moment, hope you enter:

  3. That shot of the beach makes me want to jump right into the photo.

    1. I often wish of jumping into pictures - just like Mary Poppins! x


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