Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Actress

Photography by Christopher Perkins

My very talented friend, Chris Perkins, took the above photos of me in my natural habitat. He wanted to photograph my passion and well, as you can see, I'm quite passionate about theatre and am constantly surrounding myself with an array of plays, scripts, books on acting technique & more. I also adore vintage books so the older the book, the better in my case. Chris also took some photos of my "shoes & knits"collection - just for fun. He also seemed to love the fact that I have a little pair of ugg boots next to my bed. He never really had them growing up in England ;-)

Side note: when I mentioned above that I'm constantly surrounded by an array of books, they are not usually strewn all over my bed like this!! This really was just for the photo shoot, I swear! I really do own bookcases.

I'd love to know what your passion is?

~ Clare x


  1. She learn lot. learning growth one person.. nice..Regards : Entertainment gallery

  2. Beautiful photos! I, too, love to read and have a big dusty pile of books next to my bed (probably not so good for my allergies!) My passions...baking and travel. Visiting new places then returning home to try to recreate all the new desserts I discovered on my travels.

  3. No need to apologize for the books on the bed...it's a common look at my house! ;) The photos are gorgeous. It's a beautiful thing to immerse yourself in your passion; mine is jewelry design and anything home decor related (love your aesthetic, by the way). Have a beautiful week!

  4. I love old books too, ha! My bed does look like that at times. I find myself walking up laying on books
    Great photos.


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