Tuesday, May 8, 2012

50s Rock n Roll / Pin-Up Engagement Shoot

All images copyright Creative Flair Photography

So my best friends, Ben & Katie, are gettin' hitched this year. It's going to be a glamorous 20's themed affair in beautiful Fiji. (check out their save-the-date cards that Katie made herself on Polka Dot Bride)

Katie & I have a mutual love of both the 20's and the 50's. So since the wedding was going to be 20's themed she decided the engagement shoot just had to be 50's. We had so much fun planning this shoot at Manhattan Superbowl, a retro bowling alley. We chose outfits, watched hair tutorials & did hair trials, pinned a stack of inspiration shots, scoured our wardrobes for props & accessories... My very talented brother in law was the photographer along with his trusty sidekick - my hubby. 

I think they look just gorgeous, don't you? I simply cannot wait for these lovebirds to get hitched this November!!

~ Clare x

Photography: Creative Flair


  1. Oh it looks so cool.
    Nice photos.

  2. What a fun photo shoot and love the idea of the 20's themed wedding...so unique!

  3. They look so happy. This is just great.

  4. Wow, that retro look is so good!
    Great photos & they look like they were genuinely having a ball!

  5. Hi there ,
    Happy to have found your blog.
    They look so happy.
    Great photos.
    Hope you have a lovely day.

  6. A Fiji wedding?! Yes please. Sounds like a terrific time :)

  7. Thanks for all your sweet comments! We had so much fun doing this shoot, and cannot wait for our Fiji wedding in November...time to start working out the finer details, like finding my bridesmaids (yes, Clare is one of them!) their perfect 1920's flapper girl dresses!!

    ~ Katie aka MsProcrastin8

  8. These turned out wonderful!!! :)

    ~ Emily


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