Friday, April 20, 2012

Capsule Wardrobe Project on Chictopia

15/30 Challenge: A Look Back


Monique from Petite Avenue interviewed myself and a couple of other bloggers about the 15/30 Capsule Wardrobe Project for Chictopia. You can read the article here. It was great to reflect on the project & also to hear the other bloggers' thoughts. I'm due for a huge wardrobe overhaul now. Getting rid of all the useless stuff I don't actually love. I will continue to post my outfits from the project over the next few days / weeks. 

~ Clare x

1530 Project on Pinterest


  1. Clare such a fab project for you and the other bloggers!! Congratulations to all of you for taking part I enjoyed reading the interview, and the article revealing the huge and toxic waste from the fashion/textile industry.......not good.
    You looked great in all your pics and great selection for your 15 pieces, just goes to show we tend to needlessly shop when we could have another peek in the "nothing to wear" section of our wardrobe or use our inner stylist a bit more.
    Thank-you for taking the time and entering my giveaway I really appreciate your support.
    Carla x

  2. Love your picks. I definitely need to get in my closet and do a little more organizing. The toxic waste is scary!!


Thanks for sharing on Soulful Mama ~ Clare x