Monday, March 28, 2011

Instantly stationary for stationery ~ Guest Post

Today I'd like to introduce you to one of my most favourite girls, Katie from The Resolution Revolution. She has a little secret passion that she wanted to share with Looking Glass readers. I'm sure many of you share this passion too, as I do. I'll now leave you with Katie aka The Procrastination Princess.

~ Clare x

I love stationery! I don't know why, but I am stopped in my tracks whenever I come across a stationery shop, even if it is just a "mainstream" store like OfficeWorks. My heart skips a beat when I encounter a rare and beautiful boutique paper shop, or if I find an example of fine letterpress work. So, this post today is dedicated to the power of papercraft; the colours, the textures, the limitless possibilities. With a modern or vintage touch, paper is beautiful. 

I stumbled across this stunning blog on the weekend, and am in stationery heaven. Bella Figura are a genuine artisan letterpress shop, that still use antique equipment and old fashioned methods...and the results - magic!

Have a look at some of their work:

Their retailers are just as dreamy:

But there's more to paper than just invitations:

Paper bouquets!

Paper Plane Wedding Toss!
 Paper Chains & Flower Banners!

And check out this toilet paper wedding dress here.
Just a bit of fun, and eye-candy, especially for me! I'm in the midst of writing a pretty full-on essay with a lot of heavy scientific content... so this was a welcomed break from the science, and a great little creative outlet. 

~ Katie


  1. Wow, great stationery... Love the yellow one!

  2. I'm absolutely in LOVE with this post-I can't resist pretty papers!

  3. I too adore pretty stationery...these stores look amazing. Thanks for the peek inside!!

  4. wow, talk about paper heaven!! so so pretty!

  5. These are lovely! Have a wonderful day, Kellie xx

  6. Just beautiful! Love it! xo


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