Friday, January 21, 2011

Back to the Swing of Things

Image by Me
My sincerest apologies curious readers, for being absent! I took a little trip for a week and a half up to sleepy Bargara (just outside of Bundaberg) in Queensland to visit friends.

As some of you may know, Bundaberg was one of the flood affected areas in Queensland, but we had already planned our trip months ago. Very dear friends of ours moved up there and we were going to see them and we also all had to go to a Wedding on the Gold Coast during our stay. We were going to drive together down to the Gold Coast for the Wedding, stay the night and then head back to Bargara the next day. Unfortunately during our stay in Bargara, Queensland became inundated with the most devastating floods.

Luckily for us where we were staying in Bargara was fine, although due to the floods in surrounding areas we had no way to get to our friends' Wedding and had to miss it :-(

I took the photo above of someone's house that had flooded. It is just so devastating, the amount of people who have lost everything, not to mention those that have lost loved ones. If anyone out there would like to donate, you can by heading to the Queensland Government website here and you can also donate to the Queensland RSPCA here.

I will be back to posting normally now that I'm back in Sydney and back to the daily grind. Can't wait to catch up on all your blogs & see what I've missed out on!

~ Clare x


  1. Nice to see you blogging again Clare. What a pity to have missed the wedding but I'm glad you and your friends were all safe and sound during the floods etc.

  2. Clare,
    happy to see you back. It is so very sad the loss that has happened. I look at the photos and I just can't imagine. Loosing everything, just very sad.

  3. Clare, I miss you so much!!! Hope you, all of you, stay strong!
    I think of you.

  4. How sad this is dear Clare...I'm happy you and your friends are safe!

    Happy weekend my dear friend!

    Much love: Evi


Thanks for sharing on Soulful Mama ~ Clare x