Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bay Living

Oh weekend, how I chid the hasty-footed time for parting us!
I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I sure did, but it just flew by so fast... I spent the weekend in Port Stephens visiting family & had such a nice time, I didn't want to come home. Here are some pics I took of my Auntie's beautiful home. I didn't get a chance to take too many & it was raining all weekend so the light wasn't the best for picture taking...
All images by me, please ask permission before reproducing

If you're ever in Port Stephens, be sure to stop by my beautiful Auntie's store Bay Living. I only had the chance to quickly pop over to her store this time round & silly me, forgot the camera - oops! So here are the pics from her website...
 All above images are property of Bay Living

Tomorrow I will share with you the things I bought from Bay Living!

For now though, bonne nuit

~ Clare x

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